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Re: foo_discogs

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But no luck. It's still writing my custom fields, DISCOGS_RELEASE_GENRES &  DISCOGS_STYLES in the example below (with the missing space, i.e. ";" instead of "; " to trigger foobars fields separation for flac/vorbis) as a single string.
The above issue that was affecting flac/vorbis files now seems to be gone.

There's a new bit now though, experienced with the standard ARTIST tag on this with flac/vorbis files:
Wheras all multi value artists (single artist values are fine...!), get now written with an extra " " at the end of the last artists name.
So what should be this (on the first track of the above release):
"Altriparty; Hypsidia"
gets written as this on a flac file:
"Altriparty; Hypsidia "
with an extra space at the end - in foobar tag editor syntax. In vorbis multi value fields this then is a multiple single value fields, one with "Altriparty" the other one with the extra space i.e. "Hypsidia "

Turns out the above assumption it's due to multi value artists is not true... this actually affects all discogs ANV Artist that are listed with a ANV Number, i.e. on this release:

So also if the only artist on a track, in the above case it's:
Anima (47)  Faber (4) Deer (2) Elixir (48) Secret Act (3) Secret Act (3) Read More
that get written out with an extra space at the end now, so I see
"Anima " 
"Faber "
Anyone else seeing this ?



Re: foo_discogs

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mamma mia...  :o

v1.0.15.1 (fix extra space at artist end)