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foobar2000 for Mac / copy & paste songs from one playlist into another
Last post by HeBu -

I use fb2000 vision 2.6.4. I'd like to copy a song (or selection) from one playlist (e.g. "all songs") and will paste it into another playlist. When I mark one song / different songs, I can't copy them (Edit -> copy is not available)

Is there any way to copy songs?

Thanks in advance and best regards
General - (fb2k) / Re: What components does fb2k (64-bit) need to play high-res files?
Last post by Air KEN -
Forget about uDSD Decoder (foo_input_udsd).
The settings above will be OK for audio files including DSD, DXD and High-Resolution Audio.
I will state it again.

Super Audio CD Decoder (foo_input_sacd.dll)
only foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component

ASIO+DSD support (foo_out_asio+dsd.dll)

1. foobar2000 Preferences > Tools > SACD > Output (per device) DSD+PCM > Sampleate 384000
2. Output: ASIO+DSD:  ASIO Driver Select


For non-DSD files, the following settings and components are available.
Please change the Output.

Output: Defaluit Device [exclusive] (Standard wasapi exclusive mode) ← This is recommended

ASIO Output (foo_out_asio)
Download → foo_out_asio.fb2k-component

WASAPI shared output (foo_out_wasapis)
Download → foo_out_wasapis.fb2k-component
General - (fb2k) / Re: What components does fb2k (64-bit) need to play high-res files?
Last post by GeorgeNJAudio -
uDSD Decoder (foo_input_udsd):
Please delete Super Audio CD Decoder (foo_input_sacd.dll) + ASIO+DSD support (foo_out_asio+dsd.dll) before installing.
The headphones appear to be AKG 701, but to make better use of the DAC, I would recommend something like the SENNHEISER HD 620S or SENNHEISER HD 660S2.

AKG K701 or Q701?
I use the AKG K701 with a re-cable. I created it myself.
The AKG K701 can use 4 core cable (MOGAMI 2534).
I took the headphones apart and attached the cable.
It's a clear and strong sound.

Ken: I'm getting more than a little confused here. Could you please Reply clarifying the download source for the files I'll need to make my fb2k  64-bit install work with playback of high-resolution files?
With regard to my headphones, I don't do that much listening via cans, so replacing the 701s will have to wait for a while while I absorb the cost of the 'new' (refurbished) T240 laptop. But I'll keep your recommendations on record.
General - (fb2k) / .cue file is not editable - any idea how to solve this?
Last post by Marin30 -
Hello everyone, I lately downloaded a CD and inside the folder there are "CDImage.ape", "CDImage.cue" & "CDImage.txt" files.
I am trying to split the ape file in single tracks by using foobar2000, but when I drag the cue file there, the last track doesn't display the length but it shows a ? instead.
Every time I encounter something like this, I go and edit .cue file, just by renaming the extension of the file so it can properly read.
In this case, the line that I want to edit is:

FILE "CDImage.wav" WAVE

and wanna change it to FILE "CDImage.ape" WAVE, since this is the file in the same folder. I don't know why, but when I open the .cue file with Notepadd++, I am unable to update/edit this extension.
This is the very first time I came across something like that & I don't understand what I am doing wrong.

Any help would be appreciated & forgive me if this is not posted on the correct section, but I posted here since I am using foobar as a splitter.