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Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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Say I update a track because of a previously undiscovered bad rip or something.  Is there a better way to update the waveform cache than nuking it and rebuilding from scratch (which I just did, overnight)?
This ?

I looked at that and thought "WTF?", then the penny dropped.  It might have been useful to mention that is on the shift+right click menu!

It's your privilege to disagree, but that doesn't make you right and me wrong.

Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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Feature request:
Doubleclick on the minibar plays/pauses the track at the (double)clicked position.

Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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I have been thinking of that feature request over the night and I still don't really see it being useful. Making the seek respond differently to double click would make the main functionality, quick seeking with a single click, worse. I don't see upsides. You can already seek while paused.

Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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I've been experimenting a lot to give your wavebar a prominent role in my UI.

Let me rephrase ...

1) Bug?
I'm using "Playing track, selected when stopped", which works fine except for the following.
I'm playing a track and the wavebar of this track is shown as expected. Now I click another track in my playlist and then stop playing. Wavebar does NOT change to the selected track. It still shows the wavebar of the previously playing track. If I click the currently selected track once more the wavebar still shows the previously playing track. If I select another track in the playlist the wavebar of that track is selected as expected.

When playback is stopped and the wavebar of the selected track is not shown (the above situation) and I click inside this wrong wavebar playback starts of the selected track and the correct wavebar is shown.

2) Feature request
When playback is stopped and I click inside the wavebar playback is started of the selected track at the clicked position (which is very nice). So from STOP you do issue a PLAY command starting from clicked position.
When playback is paused however, a click in the wavebar just changes the position and does not issue a PLAY (UnPause) command. Then I have to travel the mouse to the Play/Pause button to start playing from the selected position. Makes no sense imo.
Can you change the behavior of a click in the paused wavebar so that it starts playing, just like a click in the stopped wavebar does?

3) Feature request
Since you already issue a PLAY command from STOP via the wavebar and hopefully implement the above feature request (PLAY from PAUSE), the only thing missing would be the possibility to PAUSE playing from the wavebar. Most convenient would be a double leftclick (and not an extra option in the rightclick menu) and thus save a lot of mouse travelling. I hope this kinda makes sense.


Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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Feature request:
Checkbox to have:
Silent part of sound file (0 at waveform) would render RED line to indicate that there is complete silence.

I use foobar for various usages. One of them is checking sound assets that will be used in game. I need to sometimes check whether there is complete silence in files or there is faint sound that is shown in waveform as 0 (no peaks visible) but something is still playing back.

Thank you!!