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screen reader support

hi FB2K team
Big thanks for screen reader mode in default ui, but if foobar 2000 will be compatible with most screen readers it needs to set the same selection and selected frame colors like all standard windows listboxes. I tried to change the colors manualy and it works. But if I placed fb2k on another computer with screen reader I also had to change the color of selected item frame. I don't understand why, but these 2 computers also haven't got the same colors in other listboxes e.g. in playlist search. On the first machine with windows 98 second edition I have black text on white background and white text in darkblue frame when an item is selected. On the second machine with windows millenium edition the color of selected item frame is a bit different. Its numerical value is 000064128 instead of 1st computer 000000128. Sorry for this numerical value but I cant see the color myself I am using the screen reader to identify it too. And 000064128 is not predefined there.
It would be nice if you disable changing colors in screen reader mode and the playlistview will get colors like normal windows listbox e.g. like listbox in playlist search included search results.
And one more thing... please dont forget to control right tab order. In 0.7.7 in preferences/keyboard shorcut occured a disorder. when I want to type a keystroke into the right editbox I have to tab to the global hotkey checkbox and then press up arrow. In 0.7.6 it worked correctly. Please do not ignore this tab order if you want to keep fb2k screen reader compatible.
Tx again