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A foobar2000 UI Spider Monkey Panel seekbar, using audiowaveform or ffprobe. It's based on RMS, peak levels, the actual waveform or visualization presets.

  • Uses audiowaveform by default (included).
  • ffprobe can be used if desired. Download it and copy ffprobe.exe into 'helpers-external\ffprobe'.
  • Visualizer mode to simply show an animation which changes according to BPM (if tag exists).
  • Fully configurable using the R. Click menu:
    • Colors
    • Waveform modes
    • Analysis modes
    • Animations
    • Refresh rate (not recommended anything below 100 ms except on really modern CPUs)

Integrated in

As package. See _TIPS and INSTALLATION (txt) and the Wiki. Not properly following the installation instructions will result in scripts not working as intended. Please don't report errors before checking this.

Download latest release (or nightly releases) at github:

Re: Not-A-Waveform-Seekbar-SMP

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v1.2.0 - Auto-update
## [1.2.0] - 2023-11-15
### Added
- Auto-update: added -optional- automatic checks for updates on script load; enabled by default. Compares version of current file against GitHub repository. Manual checking can also be found at the settings menu. Setting may also be globally switched at '[FOOBAR PROFILE FOLDER]\js_data\presets\global\globSettings.json', by changing 'bAutoUpdateCheck'. It will apply by default to any new installed script (previous scripts will still need to be manually configured to change them).
- Added setting to disable popups related to features not being supported by the OS (at startup). Found at '[FOOBAR PROFILE FOLDER]\js_data\presets\global\globSettings.json', by changing 'bPopupOnCheckSOFeatures'. By default popups are always shown. This setting will never be exposed within foobar, only at this file.
### Changed
- Helpers: updated helpers.
### Removed
### Fixed

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