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Topic: FB 1.6.4 - Micro-interruption during screen going off / on (Read 742 times) previous topic - next topic
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FB 1.6.4 - Micro-interruption during screen going off / on

I quite sure this small issue was present also in previous version of FB, however, I can confirm that with FB 1.6.4, each time my Windows 10 64bit laptop enter energy saving screen OFF or resume to screen ON, the player stops for a short time.

If it is not bug or a Windows 10 limitation, please let me know what's wrong in my settings.

Consider that I am not using any screen saver. I just set the energy saving option to switch off my screen after 15 minutes of no keyboard/mouse use.
CPU and all other settings are 100% full power (grid powered, no battery use).

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