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Re: External Tags

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No, only SACD input.

Re: External Tags

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Ok, managed to replicate the issue. foo_input_sacd has hacks in it, it alters its behavior based on context. It for example attempts to work differently when used in Converter. I don't know what it thinks is happening when called by foo_external_tags, but it doesn't want to return file properties but PCM output properties. And for some reason it's super broken here in my test setup and returns 0 for sample rate.

foobar2000 has a lot of new interfaces. I might be able to work around bugged inputs like foo_input_sacd returning nonsense, but it would mean a lot of re-engineering for me. Part of me wants to do it, but I worry it's a lof of work for little benefit. And possibly wasted effort.

Re: External Tags

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I have an idea/suggestion for the component, it would be neat if there were an option to write the saved external tags to the file (if the format supports it)
Example, I have a number of badly tagged scene releases, use another component to get the metadata off of Discogs, and use this component to write the "Proper" tags & Metadata separately without modifying the original file. There's some files where I'd like to "export" these external tags and modify the file itself.
Would that be possible/reasonable?

Tangentially, I didn't see this on the foobar component page, your homepage, or in this thread, but is this plugin OSS? I'm not all that familiar with C and don't know the foobar SDK, but would be interested in helping out if possible.


Re: External Tags

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You mean commit the external tags to file? Yes you can. But then it will delete the external tags, so you have to commit and then create. Use shift and right-click, that gives you more complete options and actions.

What can only be done file by file (I think?) is to commit only some of the tags. Then you have to copy them, then select the edit file tags, paste and save.