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Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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Hopefully they will be included progressively.
Scheduler mod has already been added. I believe Playlist Tour, CAD NowPlaying and Run Service x Group might come next.
Vital Bookmarks and Queue Editor may need some extra work before inclusion.
There is an unconfirmed report, as you know, about Coverflow leaking memory. It won´t be included until I am confident it does not.
And there is also Flex DSP, Discogger... and all the pending documentation reviews.  :-X

Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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Vital Bookmark v1.3.5

- Added option to choose Enter key behavior in edit mode: stay in the same cell or move down.

Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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Thank you very much @da yuyu

Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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Display three decimal places as zeros (mm:ss.000) when time is set to an exact second.


Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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On the keyboard, I have the RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys set up as keyboard shortcuts in foobar2000 to seek backwards and forwards. When I have set a bookmark and am playing that bookmark, through Vital Bookmarks, the arrow keys no longer respond when pressed. Is this expected behavior? Does anyone else experience this? (I do not have Global keys set up in the shortcuts but I went ahead and set Global keys with the shortcuts as a test, and it made no difference.)

And just to clarify something in my mind. When right-clicking a set bookmark in the panel, "Restore" is what is clicked to play the bookmark (or pressing ENTER on the keyboard), correct?

And in the main menu: Playback/Vital Bookmarks/Restore Bookmark is clicked if want to play a selected bookmark through that menu?

Would it be convenient for others, than just myself, if double-clicking a bookmark in the panel started it playing?

Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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Yes, thanks for correcting me, I should have typed the two shortcuts do not have modifiers. But I did set modifiers to the two keys as a test, and it made no difference to the two keys becoming unresponsive when a bookmark was played.

Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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Ok, I see I made another flub. I just added a # column to the Vital Bookmarks panel and double-clicking that # column causes the bookmark to play.

Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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After a little further looking at the shortcut keys not responding:

I have ten shortcut keys and under the below conditions all of the shortcut keys stop responding; Not just the LEFT\RIGHT keys I have set to seek backward and forward.

The shortcut keys stop responding when a bookmark is just selected (highlighted) in the Vital Bookmarks panel, or selected, and then activated to play through double-clicking in the # column, or activated to play through a menu item, or pressing the ENTER key.


I made a button that is tied to Playback\Vital Bookmarks\Restore Bookmark.

If there is one bookmark saved in the Vital Bookmarks panel and the above button is pressed without selecting (highlighting) the bookmark in the panel, the saved bookmark begins playing, and the shortcut keys work as expected when pressed, including the backward/forward seeking shortcuts.

The problem of the unresponsive shortcut keys seems to be connected with selecting a bookmark in the Vital Bookmarks panel.

Hope the above makes some useful sense.

Added on edit:

This might be a Columns UI problem. I tried it in Default UI and no problems with the shortcuts there in the quick test I did.

Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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Attaching a screenshot to more clearly explain my experience with the keyboard shortcuts. Again, this is Columns UI; no problems experienced in Default UI.

Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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I have some thoughts about this but I haven't had time to investigate. It affects one of my components as well and the one thing it has in common with this one is that it uses the libPPUI list control from the SDK. I think you might be able to reproduce the issue with ReFacets as well.


Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks

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So CUI panel developers basically need to implement something like this to get keyboard shortcuts processed.

Code: [Select]
	LRESULT on_message(HWND wnd, uint32_t msg, WPARAM wp, LPARAM lp) final
switch (msg)
if (uie::window::g_process_keydown_keyboard_shortcuts(wp))
return 0;
// do your own stuff here if needed
return DefWindowProcW(wnd, msg, wp, lp);

DUI handles this automatically, CUI does not...