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A foobar2000 interactive Timeline Spider Monkey Panel of your library. Configurable by Title Format, lets you generate playlists based on selection. Based on Statistics-Framework-SMP


  • Statistics fully configurable:
    • Set data per axis with Title Format.
    • Highly configurable chart and data manipulation.
  • Asynchronous data calculations (UI is not blocked).
  • Point statistics.
  • Scroll with buttons and mouse dragging.
  • Zoom with mouse wheel and button.
  • Configurable background (cover, colors, gradient, ...).
    • Color palettes and schemes from colorbrewer.
    • Colorblind friendly.
  • Tool-tip shows multiple info about the point selected.
  • AutoPlaylist and Playlist creation on click over a point.
  • Fully Wine - Unix - non IE SOs compatible.
  • Automatically check for updates (configurable).


See wiki.

Download latest release (or nightly releases) at github:

Re: Timeline-SMP

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[0.7.0] - 2023-11-24

    Data: Y-axis is now configurable and can be set to count any TF expression per track (previously it just counted the num of tracks for the given X/Z point). For ex. it can be set to count listens per track ('%PLAY_COUNT%'), all 5 rated tracks ('$ifequal(%RATING%,5,1$not(0),0)'), etc.
    Data: Y-axis can be adjusted proportionally per total counter of tracks per serie. This setting is provided along the TF expression used (so you can set entries to display total and proportional values).
    Data: data can be filtered by query. For example 'ALL' to display all tracks or queries like '%LAST_PLAYED% DURING LAST 4 WEEKS'.
    Statistics: expanded point statistics with percentages.
    UI: number of points shown per X-value is now configurable at 'Display settings\Chart type'.
    UI: added transparency to all chart types (previously only on 'Timeline' type).


    UI: data TF entries now have a check to show the one currently being used.
    UI: improved input menu entries with hints. For ex. transparency input menu entries now have a hint about which value is opaque and which transparent.
    Helpers: updated helpers.
    Console: reduced max log file size to 1 MB.


    UI: extra column on color palette's schemes submenu.

Listens/tracks (by artist)

Total tracks (by artist)