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Re: foo_skipcount

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    Version: 1.5.0

    Tested 2.0 x86/x64 and 1.6 on Win10.

    Features added:
    • Log all skips with times in Javascript format and system formatting. Alternatively, it can just track the most recent skip only. Both are off by default, but can be enabled in preferences. Note that enabling logging all skips will also enable logging the most recent skip due to how it is internally processed. These are accessible with %last_skip%, %skip_times_raw%, and %skip_times_js%.
    • Context menus allow for clearing the most recently logged skip or all logged skips.
    • Track properties will display all 3 formats (human date, system time, and js time) if focused on one track. Multiple selections will list the most recent skip between them and their total skip counts along with the individual skip types.
    • Add previous-skip protection: Off by default, when enabled, pressing previous will allow a 1-second grace period so accidental skips are avoided. (This may be expanded to generic protection for all actions and a customizable grace period duration if either are requested)
    • The above offsets the skip logging by 1 second, so if your preferences say 5 seconds, it will actually be 5 seconds after the 1-second grace period.

    Technical notes:
    • foo_skip changed the field so there is no longer a clash between the two now.
    • Updated many types and functions to use explicit, more consistent, or better built-in types.
    • More consistent naming, formatting and, ordering.

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Re: foo_skipcount

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Version: 1.9.0

Tested 2.0 x86/x64 and 1.6 on Win10.

Feature changelog:
  • Add skip protection toggles for all 3 actions as well as delay duration for each. So, after pressing 'Next song', if next protection is enabled, for 1 second (the default, but customizable) into the next song any skip action will not count. This will delay the window for skips to count. That means, if the duration setting above is set to 5 seconds, the skip will count from 1-6 instead of 0-5.
  • Preference requires re-apply: Changed skip logging setting to be a dropdown as the previous settings would conflict. Now choose between No logging, just last skip, or log all skips.
  • Updated settings dialog window for formatting and grouping.
  • Added context menu clear option to remove all timestamps except the most recent.

  • Merged context menu functions into one
  • Preferences utilize more built-in helper functions
  • Created contextmenu header
  • Created fields header
  • Utilized inline on some functions

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