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Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Beautiful. Zero resource usage. Nice default colormap. Horizontal B is my choice

This definitely solved my UI dilemma and I added one more tab stack to my layout, to hold these great components foobar has

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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great work thanks fismineur

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Wow, I have been wanting this for quite some time now! Thank you for your time and work!

One suggestion/addition - would it be possible to change the legend to terms of 'frequency' as opposed to 'notes'?

EDIT: also, if there is a way to change the number of bars used that would be cool too

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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this is really nice, thanks

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Good component.  I wont different orientation (for  several chanals).

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Having trouble to unzip , tried on two computers.
One says files corrupted other invalid directory.
Using Foobar 1.1.5 Win XP Winzip.

Other components unzip OK.

Can see zipped file in components folder but can not unzip.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong ?


Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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I tried using 7Zip to unzip folder in components folder.

Will not work as well says file types not supported.

Still stuck... Anymore ideas ?

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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you don't need to un-zip. file>preferences>components. drag zip onto window or use the install button to locate it.

the zip works fine from here so if you still have problems, try clearing your browser cache or use another browser.

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Well , tried several things , explorer and winzip no go...

Firefox and 7zip worked !

No idea why but loaded.


Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Good component.  I wont different orientation (for  several chanals).

how could you make it flip like that? in the option i can't find rotate to make it flip like your pic...

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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It is only illustration my request. I hope it will in new version.

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Hello Fismineur, you component is very nice and quite exactly what I was long looking for.

If possible, in your next release, add also the support of 64k FFT and even 128k FFT.

I know, are very CPU heavy-options, but are useful for time to time very low-freq check that the current best 32k FFT doesn't allow.

Many thanks and kind regards,


Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Thank you for this beautiful component! 

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Thank you, fismineur, for this very useful and well-made component!

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Wonderful! Thanks a lot for this

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Amazing, I too have been waiting for this a long time, kudos!

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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I sampled default matplotlib colormaps at 6 and 12 points, and for fun sharing it as musical spectrum import "theme":

[a href="" target="_blank"]

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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First thing - thanks for this nice component

I have a feature proposal. One checkbox dropdown list containing two options - "display signal before DSP/dsiplay signal after DSP". This will help watching correct spectrals for diferent channels while using active downmix or upmix DSPs. Currently everything is calculated after DSP chain. For my purposes I need option "before"

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Great Thanks!!! | bulletproof2k

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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This is a very nice visualization component . . . thanks a lot ++++++

I noticed the download ZIP only contains a DLL and no readme.txt . . . therefore I took the liberty of creating one myself:
foo_musical_spectrum  ("Musical Spectrum")

author:     fismineur
version:    0.9.1  (Nov 21 2012)

A foobar2000 component for Default UI & Columns UI.
Displays a visualization of the musical spectrum.

Features ======================================================================

  Adjustable frequency range display - from C0 (16.35 Hz) to A11 (56320 Hz).
  Comprehensive options - colors, styles, processing modes and effects.

Links =========================================================================

Changelog =====================================================================

 1st release  (Oct 10 2012)

  * foo_musical_spectrum.dll    (MD5: 418c6a7825e6b660ca456ba589658ff0)
  * Only works in Default UI

 Version 0.9.1  (Nov 21 2012)

  * foo_musical_spectrum.dll    (MD5: e26e703f42fd2ebddc33fbf04e422290)
  * Added support for Columns UI.
  * Minor improvements.

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Feature request: show notes (A2,A3 etc) as Hz

Thank you!!

Re: foo_musical_spectrum (discussion)

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Is it possible to have Musical Spectrum displayed within Foobar? instead of having a separate window pop up of spectrum meter ?