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CD Hardware/Software / Re: How do I dump Enhanced CDs?
Last post by MrRom92 -
It is a shame that there isn’t a better/more standardized way of doing this, considering how many discs there are out there with more than just data tracks.

Simply copying the files across should NOT be considered a true preservation/archival-grade copy of the disc any more than ripping a standard audio CD to WAV with iTunes should be considered a proper rip of that disc.

Can one recreate a completely identical copy of the disc by burning from said “copied” files? No? Case closed.

My current method for discs with data tracks is to use ISObuster to rip the raw data track as a .bin file, after already having ripped the audio portion of the disc with EAC.

Since the cue sheet can point to this .bin for the data track in its appropriate location, theoretically there should be a way to properly burn the full set of audio+data .bin track back to disc, offset corrected with proper gaps, indexes, emph flags if necessary, etc, however I have not gotten so far as to find a way to actually do that.

In my perfect world, EAC would already handle ripping this correctly with little effort needed on the users behalf, instead of completely ignoring the data track as it currently does.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Upmixing stereo audio to 5.1 audio - channel upmixer
Last post by pineapplepen -
Ok I think I figured it out and it was definitely just me not understanding how foobar worked. I was under the impression that the DSPs and foobar2000 would take audio output to your audio device (headphones/speaker setup) and make whatever transformations to the audio but I guess it's just to audio files played in the program.

I found this forum thread that talks about getting "foo recorder" and creating a virtual audio cable so you can use the DSP live on your desktop audio which, as it turns out, works exactly as it should! The only issue is there's like 1/3rd of a second of delay so watching youtube or twitch is kind of horrible. I could probably delay the video with some firefox extension but honestly I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle. The goal imo would be to find a solution that instead of doing it in two steps, recording then playing it back, you would just reroute the audio channels you want to the surround.

I did fiddle around with the settings on my sound bar (vizoi m51a) and it does have a setting to upmix stereo. (in case anyone has the same soundbar finds this in the future) If you're playing stereo audio while you're set to an EQ that isn't direct (direct plays the audio as is) and you have surround set to dual, it will copy the audio from R and L to RR and RL, respectively as well as directing some bass to the LFE (subwoofer)

Thank you all for you help thus far!

So, I'm satisfied for now but it would obviously be nice to do all this with software on windows instead because I'd have more customization over exactly how it gets upmixed.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by Azuriye -
This actually not what you can call "the traditional way". It is just the option to execute context menu commands.
My bad my wording was wrong there.

As you're screen shot shows a part of the random pools keyboard shortcut section, I guess you are refering to its shortcuts for single pools, for which no menu entry exist. But as you also can see on the screen shot, they are listed under [main] and not [context]. Therefore you need to execute them with RunMainMenuCommands().

Thanks a-lot, I had some issues figuring out this but it was a combination of incorrect Pool names, fixing this worked like a charm. Thanks a-lot!
General - (fb2k) / Re: Access to tag db
Last post by fbuser -
but an ideal solution might involve direct access or a shadow sql database.
This is definitely a very bad idea. You need to use the provided API to tag your files, either directly by creating a component using the foobar2000 SDK or indirectly by utilizing one of the Javascript panels (Spider Monkey Panel or JScript3 Panel).