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General Audio / Re: Removing Spaces or Gaps between Tracks
Last post by DVDdoug -
...and when burnt to a CD.  Of course this removes the ability to hop from one track to another...
CDs are easy...   By using a Cue Sheet you can add track markers to a CD made from one-long WAV file.   I've made a few crossfaded "mix CDs" and several "live" CDs that way.

You can write a cue sheet with Windows Notepad (I usually start by editing an existing cue sheet) and then you'll need to use burning software that supports cue sheets (I use ImgBurn).
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar freezes PC during search
Last post by kode54 -
I have a Core i7 3770, with 32GB of RAM. Regardless of how much RAM you have, foobar2000 will only be using up to 3GB of it anyway.

You did not specify which GPU you have, or which storage medium your OS or your data live on. GPU would be essential to on-screen information updating, and storage would be essential for swapping and/or processing the files on disk.

With 12GB of RAM, you have an odd amount compared to usual configurations for dual channel, unless you have the outlying triple channel configuration of 3x4GB. It also doesn't include whatever other data would be resident in memory, should this selection changing involve lots of swapping or paging due to heavily encumbered memory.

The log should be helpful to whoever has it, though.
General Audio / Re: Removing Spaces or Gaps between Tracks
Last post by kode54 -
You are likely editing and re-saving .MP3 or another lossy format. This involves opening, decoding, then re-encoding the lossy material to a new .MP3. Your "Wave Editor" also likely does not support encoding gapless MP3s, or decoding them, for that matter. So there may not be any gaps on your files to begin with, and your editor is adding them, and possibly destroying the gapless information already encoded into the original files.

Stop re-saving MP3 files, you can't really edit them without losing more information than just the gaps. Save to FLAC, or WavPack, or another lossless format, but try to start with a lossless file to begin with, rather than any MP3 files.
General - (fb2k) / Re: ReplayGain Mode - is it possible to select AND display from main window?
Last post by kode54 -
What is this "+1"ing?

Basically, something that Github tried to render pointless with the addition of a Like/Emote button for issues and comments, but people still do it. Spam, essentially, posting "I like this" or "I want this" in as few keystrokes as possible, without actually contributing to the conversation, as if the developer's action hinges on seeing if anyone actually cares about it first.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: [Bug] fb2k volume can't be changed sometimes
Last post by kode54 -
Sounds like it needs hotplug detection, as well as device matching, since hotplugs tend to result in a completely different device identifier, but sometimes the same name. All because your sound device tends to be unplugged before you start the player.

I have an external DAC, which also happens to be a studio microphone, all in a USB device. Blue Yeti. Works great. I don't tend to ever unplug it, though. And it doesn't have an on/off switch. It's also bus powered, so there's that.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar freezes PC during search
Last post by optimalobliteration -
The PC freeze you get only happens with foobar2000? No other program that plays audio for example shows symptoms? The search slowness was the only thing wrong with your configuration but foobar2000 consuming resources doesn't make the entire system slow. Unless you use some external means to make foobar2000 process run at realtime priority.

The slowdown happens with just single click of a track? No double click to actually play it? Single click just selects an element and should be instantaneous. Do you have some programs like MacType that alter font rendering?

Could you use Process Monitor to record system activity when you perform the action that makes the computer freeze? I'm not sure it can capture the cause but it might be worth a try. I'd be interested to take a look if you can share the compressed log via PM.

I've sent you the log file via PM.  But I've only ever had this freeze/slow-down while using foobar2000, and I can reliably make it happen if I type in  one letter into the search bar, or if I add my entire music collection to foobar (it loads with every track highlighted), and then click on a track (single-click) to deselect. I don't have any other audio programs so I haven't tried it with anything else.

I don't have any type of program like MagType that would alter font rendering, as far as I know, nor have I made any changes to how foobar2000 is run! I hope this helps a little!
General Audio / Removing Spaces or Gaps between Tracks
Last post by boweasel -
Brand new to the forum and although I read the caveats about not tossing all questions here, I really don't know where else it would go...
I belong to several music forums and download a fair amount of music.  I've been using an audio editing tool called Wave Editor for years and have been quite happy with it, aside from the following:
Some recordings I've downloaded have tracks that blend from one to another.  On some (but not all) recordings of this sort there is an audible space or gap between those tracks when I play the folder using WinAmp or WMPlayer.  The gap might be little more than .25 seconds at the beginning and/or end of the track.  If I burn the recording to a CD, those 'spaces' ruin the flow of the music.
When I edit these recording with Wave Editor I can remove those spaces, but as soon as I save the edited track I can see its length revert to its pre-edited length.  I can combine the tracks, remove the spaces and save the combined track, which then plays perfectly on WinAmp, WMPlayer and when burnt to a CD.  Of course this removes the ability to hop from one track to another, no big deal unless I'm playing it through my car's CD player.  The same problem occurs if I copy the music folder to a USB stick.
Strangely enough, if I use another editor - Audacity (which I find somewhat cumbersome) I can remove those spaces, save the track and all is good.  No gaps on any playback.  But if re-edit the track with Wave Editor, say removing an unfortunate bit of yodeling somewhere in the middle of the song, and save it, the gaps are back.
Can anybody explain any of this? 
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