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Please note that most of the software linked on this forum is likely to be safe to use. If you are unsure, feel free to ask in the relevant topics, or send a private message to an administrator or moderator. To help curb the problems of false positives, or in the event that you do find actual malware, you can contribute through the article linked here.
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WavPack / Re: WavPack 5.5.0 Release Candidate
Last post by Porcus -
"In the default lossless mode WavPack acts just like a WinZip compressor for audio files" from the "About" is clear when you know what it means - but not until then (it took me quite some time too). A bit/byte more foolproofing could do yes.

But, WavPack does not support AIFF at all. (It handles CAF.) Looks like the options for AIFF are then MPEG-4 ALS and Monkey's (I haven't tested either - actually I just found out that Monkey's implemented that last year; it also handles AU/SND, if anyone cares).
WavPack / Re: WavPack 5.5.0 Release Candidate
Last post by ktf -
A question not specific to this release: I can't really find a statement on the WavPack website or man page that WavPack not only losslessly encodes audio, but the structure and metadata in the source file as well.

The thing is: in the past I've pointed people to WavPack when complaining about FLAC missing some functionality (DSD, floats, more than 8 channels etc.) and now I've gotten a bug report that FLAC is not able to restore AIFF/sowt (AIFF with little endian byte order) properly: it instead creates a 'normal', big-endian AIFF file. So, the audio is carried over losslessly, but is not restored to exactly the same format. This could be added to FLAC of course, but I'd rather also point this person to WavPack. In my view, FLAC is really an audio compressor with the ability to store en restore foreign metadata (e.g. RIFF chunks), but not a format that is meant to be able to replicate the exact WAV/AIFF/etc. structure bit-for-bit.

Could you add a statement to the website and/or man-page like: "WavPack compresses the whole input file and can restore it bitperfect. It does this not only for the audio, but for the whole file." You can probably think of something better/catchier. That way I can point people there. Or am I mistaken and does WavPack not do this?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Tools-SMP
Last post by paregistrase -
This time didn't crash foobar.
Log says:
Code: [Select]
Error: Spider Monkey Panel v1.6.2-dev+7c0928bf ({431A134A-DA45-41CB-B636-E251B4FBBE1C})
missing ) after argument list

File: buttons_toolbar_test.js
Line: 111, Column: 20
Source: console.log('TEST 6';


Maybe I'm wrong but looking the other console.log(TEST) and the log itself "missing ) after argument list"  :D seems to me that a pair of ) are missing in TEST6 and TEST7

Now it crashes foobar

The log is

Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
Illegal operation:
Code: E06D7363h, flags: 00000001h, address: 7B0122E6h
Additional parameters: 19930520h 0021C228h 0490714Ch
Message: argument not found
Last win32 error: 3

Call path:

Code bytes (7B0122E6h):
7B0122A6h:  83 EC 6C 8B 59 04 8B 31 C7 45 A0 00 00 00 00 8B
7B0122B6h:  41 08 8B 51 0C C7 45 A4 90 22 01 7B 83 E3 01 89
7B0122C6h:  75 98 89 5D 9C 85 C0 74 04 85 D2 75 2D C7 45 A8
7B0122D6h:  00 00 00 00 8D 45 98 89 04 24 FF 15 40 9B 0D 7B
7B0122E6h:  83 EC 04 8D 65 F4 59 5B 5E 5D 8D 61 FC C2 10 00
7B0122F6h:  8D B4 26 00 00 00 00 8D 76 00 83 F8 0F B9 0F 00
7B012306h:  00 00 0F 47 C1 89 45 A8 C1 E0 02 8B 4C 02 FC 89
7B012316h:  4C 05 A8 83 E8 01 83 F8 04 72 B9 83 E0 FC 31 C9

Stack (0021C164h):
0021C144h:  665C6E69 61626F6F 30303272 72705C30
0021C154h:  6C69666F 0021C1D8 7B0122E6 0021C170
0021C164h:  00000000 0021C190 00000013 E06D7363
0021C174h:  00000001 00000000 7B0122E6 00000003
0021C184h:  19930520 0021C228 0490714C 02430000
0021C194h:  00000000 00000013 70B73406 02430000
0021C1A4h:  00000000 0021C1CC 70B74177 00780078
0021C1B4h:  0064005F 0021C1DC 70B74177 006A002E
0021C1C4h:  00000013 00000013 0021C1F0 19930520
0021C1D4h:  048D3A81 0021C218 048767AD 0021C1F0
0021C1E4h:  04877ED7 0021C218 048767AD E06D7363
0021C1F4h:  00000001 00000003 0021C20C 0021C518
0021C204h:  0021C2CC 0021C228 19930520 0021C228
0021C214h:  0490714C 0021C258 046FE984 0021C228
0021C224h:  0490714C 048C2BA8 4BE0B540 00000001
0021C234h:  048B5114 00000000 00000000 048C1BC0
0021C244h:  046FEA01 0121C2C8 0021C57C 0489B17D
0021C254h:  FFFFFFFF 0021C2C0 046FEA0D 048D3A80
0021C264h:  048D3A83 0021C310 0021C2C0 0000000F
0021C274h:  00000000 0021C5B8 0000003A 0021C310

EAX: 0021C170, EBX: 0021C228, ECX: 00000008, EDX: 0021C20C
ESI: E06D7363, EDI: 0490714C, EBP: 0021C1D8, ESP: 0021C164

Crash location:
Module: kernelbase
Offset: 122E6h
Symbol: "RaiseException" (+51h)

Loaded modules:
cryptnet                         loaded at 3CAA0000h - 3CAE3000h
rsaenh                           loaded at 6FE40000h - 6FED7000h
schannel                         loaded at 6DD00000h - 6DD1C000h
winepulse                        loaded at 3C4E0000h - 3C557000h
mmdevapi                         loaded at 67D40000h - 67DD5000h
avrt                             loaded at 63E00000h - 63E17000h
explorerframe                    loaded at 676C0000h - 6771F000h
psapi                            loaded at 67840000h - 6784F000h
msxml                            loaded at 71040000h - 7105C000h
msdart                           loaded at 2E4A0000h - 2E4C4000h
msado15                          loaded at 39FC0000h - 3A03E000h
msxml3                           loaded at 395D0000h - 39FB5000h
msctf                            loaded at 6F900000h - 6F9F3000h
wintrust                         loaded at 6F4C0000h - 6F560000h
setupapi                         loaded at 6BCC0000h - 6BE61000h
userenv                          loaded at 0F190000h - 0F1B3000h
lgpllibs                         loaded at 0FBC0000h - 0FCD3000h
mozglue                          loaded at 0FAC0000h - 0FBBD000h
nss3                             loaded at 0F8B0000h - 0FABF000h
xul                              loaded at 26E40000h - 2C494000h
mshtml                           loaded at 24020000h - 25596000h
scrrun                           loaded at 0F160000h - 0F186000h
wshom                            loaded at 0F140000h - 0F15C000h
mlang                            loaded at 69480000h - 69501000h
foo_dsp_dynamics                 loaded at 0AED0000h - 0AEE0000h
foo_stop_after_queue             loaded at 0AEC0000h - 0AECD000h
foo_discogger                    loaded at 0AD00000h - 0AEBA000h
foo_simplaylist                  loaded at 0A9B0000h - 0AAFC000h
foo_dsp_std                      loaded at 0A970000h - 0A9A6000h
foo_freedb2                      loaded at 0A940000h - 0A970000h
foo_multisource                  loaded at 09F20000h - 0A0B0000h
foo_lrc_metalarchives            loaded at 09E80000h - 09F18000h
foo_vis_vumeter                  loaded at 099D0000h - 09A75000h
foo_fileops                      loaded at 09990000h - 099D0000h
foo_converter                    loaded at 09900000h - 0998A000h
foo_cdda                         loaded at 098C0000h - 098F5000h
foo_unpack                       loaded at 09850000h - 098BE000h
foo_dsp_replaygain               loaded at 09830000h - 09843000h
foo_uie_albumlist                loaded at 097B0000h - 09823000h
foo_facets                       loaded at 093F0000h - 095A5000h
foo_simplaylist_manager          loaded at 09110000h - 091E8000h
foo_enhanced_playcount           loaded at 090D0000h - 09105000h
foo_uie_typefind                 loaded at 090A0000h - 090C3000h
foo_scrobble                     loaded at 08FD0000h - 0909C000h
foo_jesus                        loaded at 08DB0000h - 08DCA000h
foo_wave_minibar_mod             loaded at 08D00000h - 08DA1000h
urlmon                           loaded at 08A60000h - 08CF4000h
dwmapi                           loaded at 6EC40000h - 6EC5C000h
foo_ui_columns                   loaded at 08760000h - 08A5C000h
foo_stnaa                        loaded at 08730000h - 0875D000h
foo_runcmd                       loaded at 084F0000h - 08523000h
foo_input_monkey                 loaded at 084B0000h - 084EA000h
foo_uie_console                  loaded at 08470000h - 084A7000h
fooid                            loaded at 08050000h - 0806A000h
foo_biometric                    loaded at 08010000h - 08047000h
foo_rgscan                       loaded at 077C0000h - 0780A000h
mpr                              loaded at 70940000h - 70994000h
wininet                          loaded at 61940000h - 61B3F000h
foo_uie_lyrics3                  loaded at 07700000h - 077BB000h
foo_masstag                      loaded at 076C0000h - 076FD000h
foo_textdisplay                  loaded at 07470000h - 074BB000h
foo_run                          loaded at 07430000h - 0746A000h
foo_enhanced_spectrum_analyzer   loaded at 073E0000h - 07423000h
foo_r128norm                     loaded at 071B0000h - 071D8000h
foo_dsp_eq                       loaded at 07170000h - 071AD000h
avutil-fb2k-56                   loaded at 06EC0000h - 07166000h
avcodec-fb2k-58                  loaded at 06D00000h - 06EBB000h
foo_input_std                    loaded at 06BA0000h - 06CF9000h
foo_musicbrainz                  loaded at 06AD0000h - 06B93000h
foo_playcount                    loaded at 06AA0000h - 06AC7000h
foo_musical_spectrum             loaded at 06880000h - 0689C000h
usp10                            loaded at 06870000h - 06872000h
riched20                         loaded at 7AC00000h - 7AE2A000h
msftedit                         loaded at 06830000h - 06867000h
wsock32                          loaded at 69180000h - 691A5000h
nspr4                            loaded at 05DF0000h - 05E21000h
mozjs-68                         loaded at 04940000h - 05DE8000h
foo_spider_monkey_panel          loaded at 046D0000h - 04939000h
foo_dsp_dolbyhp                  loaded at 044A0000h - 044C4000h
foo_texttools                    loaded at 04260000h - 04294000h
propsys                          loaded at 69940000h - 699AA000h
windowscodecs                    loaded at 03760000h - 03E60000h
foo_quicksearch                  loaded at 03700000h - 03757000h
foo_albumlist                    loaded at 036B0000h - 036F7000h
foo_ui_std                       loaded at 035A0000h - 036A9000h
foo_dsp_vocal_exciter            loaded at 03580000h - 03594000h
foo_dsp_sqrcomp                  loaded at 03570000h - 0357E000h
atlthunk                         loaded at 66540000h - 66554000h
nsi                              loaded at 6F480000h - 6F49B000h
iphlpapi                         loaded at 61500000h - 6157A000h
dnsapi                           loaded at 6E4C0000h - 6E4FE000h
netapi32                         loaded at 688C0000h - 6894F000h
msv1_0                           loaded at 6D880000h - 6D8B5000h
kerberos                         loaded at 65F40000h - 65F65000h
concrt140                        loaded at 02AA0000h - 02B0E000h
winex11                          loaded at 027F0000h - 02867000h
secur32                          loaded at 01DB0000h - 01E3D000h
ws2_32                           loaded at 6D780000h - 6D808000h
jsproxy                          loaded at 68080000h - 680C4000h
winhttp                          loaded at 69600000h - 69700000h
oleacc                           loaded at 637C0000h - 63881000h
bcrypt                           loaded at 66240000h - 66283000h
crypt32                          loaded at 6E8C0000h - 6EB95000h
gdiplus                          loaded at 25CB0000h - 25E40000h
msimg32                          loaded at 70E80000h - 70E94000h
msvcr120                         loaded at 67340000h - 6763A000h
msvcp140                         loaded at 62300000h - 625D8000h
winspool                         loaded at 663C0000h - 66472000h
comdlg32                         loaded at 01B90000h - 01DA7000h
dbghelp                          loaded at 6FA80000h - 6FCD2000h
imagehlp                         loaded at 6DB40000h - 6DB72000h
shared                           loaded at 01B60000h - 01B81000h
vcruntime140                     loaded at 70240000h - 70255000h
zlib1                            loaded at 10000000h - 10017000h
oleaut32                         loaded at 64EC0000h - 652BB000h
shell32                          loaded at 00EB0000h - 01B58000h
uxtheme                          loaded at 68700000h - 68791000h
shcore                           loaded at 63BC0000h - 63C05000h
shlwapi                          loaded at 64A40000h - 64B2A000h
rpcrt4                           loaded at 62FC0000h - 631E2000h
combase                          loaded at 68500000h - 68640000h
ole32                            loaded at 00A40000h - 00EA9000h
msacm32                          loaded at 6A040000h - 6A0A2000h
winmm                            loaded at 008C0000h - 00A3C000h
imm32                            loaded at 71200000h - 71255000h
win32u                           loaded at 66B00000h - 66B69000h
version                          loaded at 63480000h - 6349B000h
user32                           loaded at 6ED00000h - 6F25B000h
gdi32                            loaded at 6C9C0000h - 6CBE0000h
ucrtbase                         loaded at 70B40000h - 70E13000h
sechost                          loaded at 6BC00000h - 6BC99000h
msvcrt                           loaded at 6A280000h - 6A4F4000h
advapi32                         loaded at 61740000h - 61836000h
comctl32                         loaded at 6CC40000h - 6D0BC000h
kernelbase                       loaded at 7B000000h - 7B4D2000h
kernel32                         loaded at 7B600000h - 7B757000h
ntdll                            loaded at 7BC00000h - 7BEAB000h
foobar2000                       loaded at 00400000h - 0067A000h


3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Tools-SMP
Last post by regor -
Try again with this file please. It will crash but giving us a hint about the part crashing.

First open the native console panel and click on write log (write it to a different file than the one named console.log at the profile folder) for ex. to console2.log. Then load the script. Finally post the log (the one with more lines like "TEST X" of the 2 console files).
Support - (fb2k) / Foobar2000 finds no music
Last post by jhaley88 -
Opened my Foobar2000 today and found no music listed. Nothing. Always before it automatically found all music. I can see the list I had in Library under "All Music." I can "add to playlist," etc., but damn, that sounds like a mess. I just want to see that list, ALL Music, when I open Foobar.

What happened? How can I get the list back?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Approaches to Tagging Structure Discussion Thread
Last post by Porcus -
On Vorbis comments, since I mainly use FLAC for lossless:

I often see Vorbis comment fields with space, that is allowed. So <ENCODEDBY> and <ENCODED BY>, but rarer <ENCODED-BY>. (Maybe even maybe even <ENCODED_BY> is less rare? Picard seems to use underscore, but AFAIUnderstand, some applications that access MusicBrainz seem to use space.)
Also <ALBUM ARTIST> and <ALBUM ARTIST SORT> and that kind. Also I use - probably from dBpoweramp? - <CATALOG #> rather than <CATALOG>.
And <UNSYNCED LYRICS> rather than <UNSYNCEDLYRICS> (I think both are more common than <LYRICS> for unsynced.)

Then there is ORGANIZATION. foobar2000 maps PUBLISHER to ORGANIZATION: uses sees it as if it were PUBLISHER, but the file always gets ORGANIZATION instead. LABEL stays LABEL though.

And I more often see <URL> than <WEBSITE>.

Also, custom tags like ACCURATERIPDISCID / ACCURATERIPID are largely application-specific.
CUETools / Re: CUETools.ARCue.exe reports a bad rip as accurately ripped. What's going on here?
Last post by Porcus -
So this seems to be at the very end of the rip. Last tenth of a second. In a duration of 4139 stereo samples (8278), 5342 differ - in the least significant bit. 3543 differ either in L or R or both.

* This is the fade-out, where there is only dither noise.
* Your drive does not read lead-out? And replaces it by zeroes.
* Thus, for a tenth of a second, one rip has some -90.31 dB samples, that is, some noise considerably quite a bit lower than that, and your drive (at those settings) does not capture that.

Then you could ask why it verifies as accurate? For precisely the above reason - sometimes some samples at the very end are zeroed out, without any need to worry - AccurateRip does not take the very last samples into account. Nor the very first. What CUEToolsDB does ... I don't know.