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Monkey's Audio License Simplification

Hi all,

I just wanted to say that Monkey's Audio now uses the simple three clause BSD license:

In the past I didn't like how open source could be a war with right and wrong.  It made me write my own license. 

But several people were reviewing my license and asking questions.  They suggested just switching to a known license to avoid complications.

All I've ever wanted is for Monkey's Audio to be free forever, so no problem.


Re: Monkey's Audio License Simplification

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Still on top the "Validated news" board section - publicity courtesy of your competition :)) 

Hopefully now some 10.x build that can get that old 3.99 port (with or without pipe patch) retired, and bring an end to those "but only if you can run ..." reservations on what the codec and the application support.

(And yes, ID3v1-only car stereos are a pest.)

Re: Monkey's Audio License Simplification

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(And yes, ID3v1-only car stereos are a pest.)

Yes they are!  We got a new stereo for one of our vehicles.  It was fun for me that it actually played APE files!

But it simply ignores the APE tags.  I converted to ID3v1.1 and it at least reads.  It reads a couple values the same even though the tag is right, but at least it sort of works!