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General - (fb2k) / Re: What components does fb2k (64-bit) need to play high-res files?
Last post by Porcus -
Do the SACD components apply the appropriate lowpass? Remember that DSD has a significant amount of ultrasonic noise that should be filtered away (like standalone players do).
Sure use WavPack (the command-line!) to store DSD, it is lossless compressed and offers sane tagging.

DXD is nothing but linear PCM at certain resolution. 24 bits integer format, that can be contained losslessly in 32-bit float (and volume shifted with no "loss" too - the loss wouldn't be audible in any case as long as one avoids clipping). 32-bit foobar2000 handles it losslessly, and 64-bit foobar2000 does as well.
Too bad they didn't go for float already then. When they wanted to use that stupid amount of space for marketing, they could have picked a clipping-proof format. But I digress.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: Which drive should be preferred?
Last post by Porcus -
As an aside:
I wonder why I sometimes see signals with the value 0xFFFFFFFF constant over a while. Is there any equipment that "inverts phase" in the digital domain? Or is it just a fade-out that doesn't go all the way to zero and ends up at either sixteen zeroes or sixteen ones?
General - (fb2k) / Re: MP3 buffer: 30 seconds
Last post by Case -
That's a weird issue. It sounds like the moment foobar2000 outputs audio all file I/O in your machine gets frozen. The source file should definitely have more data in memory and playback should continue beyond the buffer length even if hard drives were in sleep, but something is blocking things on your setup.

You could try if the same issue happens when you use the Null Output playback device. That won't actually output any audio but you can use it to see if the problem is triggered by audio device.

I don't think longer output buffer would help you at all. It would just delay the freeze to happen later.