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AAC / Re: How can I completely remove ITUNESADVISORY tag?
Last post by Porcus -
foobar2000 users can also use the Tag Sanitizer to mass-remove lots of junk, including invisible atoms designed to invade your privacy:,113911.0.html

Now on a less serious note, on a tag I did not even notice ...
Values to play with if you want to troll your friends:
0 = Off (no warning) (same as the tag not existing)
1 = Explicit Warning
2 = Clean Version
Haha, time to go back in history to when Zappa's "Jazz from Hell" got an "Explicit Lyrics" sticker. (It is instrumental.)  Or Savatage's "Fight For The Rock" (deliberately in order to improve their image).

But ... How does it work with a multi-value field? Giving it both 1 and 2? Or "1" and "Android-friendly music" or some other arbitrary free-text ... ;)
General - (fb2k) / Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion
Last post by MaCs -
I have a Raspberry Pi with an Allo Boss DAC ( It is installed with the Max2play operating sytem. I can see Max2play in the output devices but nothing happens when I try to play a file.

Fixed. The problem was on the Raspberry Pi side.
Does anybody have or know of a fairly simple script for an input box?

I'm trying to replace the quicksearch toolbar with a jscript panel, but I'm not looking for a ready made script, which would probably have the same layout issues that the quicksearch toolbar has.  I've seen some configurations with a jscript searchbox, but they are far too complex to extrapolate the relevant code.
I thought I could build what I needed with the on_key_down and on_key_up events, but perhaps I've been a little too optimistic. What are the basic guidelines? Which callbacks should I use and, by the way, how do I get the proper character codes from key events?
There are some non obvious features which should help you mitigate this:
  • Hold shift while pasting to forcibly paste at the end of playlist. This is hinted about in the statusbar when mouse hovering over 'paste' so it's not that hidden.
  • Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down reorders the current playlist, moving the currently selected block up/down. If invoked right after paste, it will move the pasted items around.
Anyway, I think I'll make the paste command sensitive to which area of an item was clicked, to provide a more obvious way to paste at the end without keyboard use.

Edit: There's also drag&drop... drag from source playlist (an auto playlist), hover over the destination playlist tab to switch playlists, get to the bottom, drop. It always lets you choose the exact drop location.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: "Enter" plays previous song
Last post by aeidein -
Forgot to clarify - if the song is browsed to again, Enter works as expected.

No, there's nothing wrong with the keyboard shortcuts.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: "Enter" plays previous song
Last post by EpicForever -
Changing Keyboard Shortcuts in Preferences? Open Preferences and look there fot Keyboard Shortcuts and sort it by Key.
Does it use FLAC files own md5 checksum tag or what does it check to know if they are alright?
Vinyl / Re: 33 vs 45rpm -- Technical Differences
Last post by punkrockdude -
45rpm / 7" records are always playing at "the end of the record" so if your stylus is not very accurate then you will have a lot of inner groove distortion. Therefore, if you see a 33 1/3rpm 7" you should run but if it is 45rpm you can relax a little.