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Pre-processing for better Bluetooth audio?

I bought a bluetooth receiver (Samsung SBH650) for my wired headphones (Sony MDR-XB700), which I use both with my laptop and my PMP (Cowon S9). I realized that despite the promise of "high quality audio", music is very noticeably distorted, especially in mid-to-high frequencies. A typical example of that is Hey Bulldog from the album Yellow Submarine, by The Beatles. The vocals sound like they've gone through a washing machine. It's much less annoying with audio from motion pictures, I assume because of a different distribution of frequencies.

I take it the culprit is Advanced Audio Distribution Profile's default (and mandatory) codec, SBC. The profile allows for other (optional) codecs, but both the emitter and the receiver need to support it, obviously, which none of mine do (as far as I can tell).

My question is: could some sort of pre-processing (à la LossyWAV) of the audio files make the output on the receiving end bearable (with fewer noticeable artifacts), by working to counteract (avoid) artifacts introduced by SBC encoding?