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General Audio / Re: Swinsian on MAC, awesome!
Last post by tomstephens89 -
I'm amazed that it's been around since 2011 apparently ( and I've never heard of it.

Thanks for this, I'm going to have a look as it looks quite promising.

I was surprised as well. I thought the only option for us MAC users outside of converting to ALAC for iTunes was Clementine. Ive tried to like Clementine but the interface is terrible, it needs a major update and feels laggy anyway.

Tried VOX as well, but the Library functionality sucks.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_playlist_revive
Last post by BlackRitus -
@Moderation: Please remove the dead link from the first post completely.
No one benefits from it and it's confusing.
There are constantly users claiming they couldn't find it / it's offline, especially when they look at the date.
And then they think
Code: [Select]
is the new link, which also doesn't work...

Please just edit it, no one will be mad at you.
General Audio / Re: Do you keep "hi-rez" downloads as hi-rez, or do you convert?
Last post by Fairy -
I have downsampled hires files before to 44/16 FLAC and couldn't notice any difference. Nowadays I keep the original file in FLAC format. Just because I have no space issues and the rest is maybe just for peace of mind I don't know. I'll have to do some ABXing sometime with 192KHz files against 44.1 upsampled to 192KHz files to see if I notice any difference. I think I cannot.

I only downsample if it is needed. I've had a 64KHz album once that just doesn't play on any hardware I own. That was a very strange (non-standard?) spec. After conversion to 16/44 it worked perfectly.
Audio Hardware / Re: Objective measurements of portable players using df-metric
Last post by Serge Smirnoff -
Good question. To be honest, I don't know. My speculative guess is -35dB (histogram median) for portable audio. I would love to test some perfectly designed player in order to have high anchor. Another question - what player is considered as good/best sounding? 

For testing non-portable audio components (receivers, transports, amplifiers) I need precision audio interface for acquisition of analog signal. For these devices Df values will be lower.

If you mean ideal device in mathematical sense, all Df values will be -Inf dB. Current accuracy of Df computation is -145 dB so all of them will be around this value ))
General - (fb2k) / Request for help on my own skin
Last post by Loigzorn -
Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum as I`m to foobar2000. I guess you could call me a newbie :))
So I'm not sure if this is the right place to post such request.
In the last few weeks I took my first steps to create my first own Skin and atm it looks likes in the picture below.
I do like how it looks but I think I have some kind of bug in my coding. Right now I'm at a point where I don't know how to solve it on my own. So I hope you can take a look at it. The problem is: sometimes if a new song starts or if I start playing a different playlist it switches to one of the other views. For example form "Playlist" to "Bio".

The related code looks like this:
Code: [Select]






fontcolor:245-245-245 brushcolor:$get(PlaylistButton),
fontcolor:255-255-255 brushcolor:$get(button_h.color))

fontcolor:245-245-245 brushcolor:$get(BioButton),
fontcolor:255-255-255 brushcolor:$get(button_h.color))

fontcolor:245-245-245 brushcolor:$get(YoutubeButton),
fontcolor:255-255-255 brushcolor:$get(button_h.color))

The first time this bug occurred was as I implemented the second panel switcher on the left side. It is written on a differnet layer so I don't know why they should be related to each other in any way.

If there is anything missing to find a solution please let me know!

Thank you kindly for your time :)


Opus / Opus 1.3-rc2
Last post by jmvalin -
I just released Opus 1.3-rc2. This is a second release candidate for the upcoming Opus 1.3. Changes include:
  • Fixing an issue with bandwidth detection
  • Enabling Ambisonics support by default
  • Using mapping families 2 and 3 for Ambisonics (instead of experimental families 253 and 254)
  • Enabling hardening by default

This release also comes with three other releases:
  • libopusenc 0.2
  • opusfile 0.11
  • opus-tools 0.2

With these releases, opus-tools now depends on both libopusenc for encoding and on opusfile for decoding. The main difference is that opusenc is now able to use look-ahead, which helps when encoding speech and music at low-ish bitrates. Please give all of these a try and report any problems.

Source code: opus-1.3-rc2.tar.gz
Win32 binaries:
Win64 binaries:

Edit: Add win64 binaries
General Audio / Re: Do you keep "hi-rez" downloads as hi-rez, or do you convert?
Last post by bdunham7 -
I see a lot of derision for high bitrates and "peace of mind" thinking.  OK, I accept the consensus that 96K AAC with a good encoder is "good enough".  However, I have more storage than time and I have no need to economize on space, within reason.  I see no reason not to retain higher bitrates, especially for lossy--even that 320kbps MP3 doesn't cost me much space.  I archive everything as it is received or recorded, whether that is MP3, FLAC, DSD or the 24/96 "needle drop".  Then I typically convert to FLAC of one sort or another for convenience and true gapless playback. 
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc
Last post by moisesmcardona -

Any chance there is a 64bit one? ; I ask because those encode files quicker than the 32bit.

but speaking of 64bit.... is there even a official Opus 64bit? ; because I noticed in the Foobar2000 Encoders Pack it only offers the 32bit one.

I compile the Opus GitHub repos using Visual Studio 2017 using the Release x64 configuration  :))

In Foobar2000, you should be able to locate the opusenc.exe file. I didn't installed the encoder pack but I have it running the local executable. The same applied for EAC to rip Audio CD to Opus directly.
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