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General Audio / Re: Removing Spaces or Gaps between Tracks
Last post by boweasel -
If burning silence cleaned files to CD you may have the files not alligning to CD frame boundaries. The burning process will readd gaps in that case.
You may check your files fit CD boundaries and correct this with a tool like Traders Little Helper.
I'm sorry to be so technically ignorant, but I have little idea what any of that means.  If you're trying to say that the process of burning a CD is causing the gaps, then I've done a poor job of describing the problem...
  • The files come into my PC with these gaps already there.  I can play the unedited music file through any player and the gaps between tracks are noticeable, almost like a pop or a click on vinyl
  • I can remove the gaps with Wave Editor.  Once I do that I can play the now edited track using Wave Editor and it plays correctly.  However, once I save the track the gaps are returned.  If I write down the edited length of the track before saving, it might be 9:58:368.  After I save it the track might be 9:58:668
I have been emailing support at Wave Editor.  I think English is not their primary language, so I may have done a poor job of communicating with them as well, but here is their latest response:
 Ok, I understand what do you mean. It's MP3 format issue.
We are using Lame MP3 Encoder and it will add silence at the beginning and end of each song.
Here is a technical explanations:

This is also Greek to me (sorry if that phrase is now Politically Incorrect).  But I think the gist of it is that I cannot use their editor to remove gaps in MP3 files that already have such gaps.  It also seems to intimate that their editor will create gaps between tracks that previously did not have them.  That is not true.  I have numerous recordings that I've downloaded where track one blends into track two and the unedited tracks play perfectly.  And if I then use WE to edit that track - remove some vocals - and save it, Wave Editor does not automatically add any gaps.  The problem seems to only occur when someone creates an MP3 file with gaps.  I then seem to be powerless to both retain track integrity and remove gaps with Wave Editor.
Support - (fb2k) / Toolbar editing - big annoyance when dragging anything
Last post by EpicForever -
What happens when I unlock toolbar and try to edit it by dragging is a big disaster. I left my toolbar untouched for many years, but recently I rearranged it few times (new dropdowns available, new business laptop layout, new layout for my wife's laptop). And that was a big hassle!
Why when I drag something it always resizes? Why can't it be pulled out and float over other elements till I move it and release mouse button?
Why when I push something maximally to the side it never moves over squeezed element (it never pulls out and floats over, it never simply switches with that squeezed element)?
Why I have to drag an element to the down (making toolbar double height) and then painstakingly target it before other element to finally switch them in place? While targeting I need to do many retries, before moved element really hits its place before other element, and not after it, where it was before I moved it down, to temporary second toolbar line.
In a single question: why it can't work as in other programs, like Nero Wave Editor, like GoldWave, AutoCAD?

Toolbar rearrangement it is not something that you do on a daily basis. But when you need to, then it really hurts... Could it be fixed somehow?
Audio Hardware / Re: How to monitor the output band to external DAC
Last post by saratoga -
I'm pretty sure the bit-depth is always scaled to match the hardware, even with ASIO or WASAPI exclusive.   If it was not, a 16-bit file would play about 50dB down on a 24-bit DAC (assuming it plays at all) and a 24-bit file into a 16-bit DAC would be "totally clipped", trying to play at about +50dB.
That's not correct. A 24 bit file has 8 additional low-order bits, not high-order.

A 24 bit signed integer is just a number between −8,388,608 and 8,388,607.  The 8 additional low-order bits are only low order because the values are scaled as appropriate to match the range of the DAC. The actual integer values however are just integers; they have no intrinsic scale until you apply one.

If you look at how actual hardware works, you have to format your samples such that they are scaled properly before you can send them over a bus like i2s.  If you try to send 16 bit data to a device expecting 24 without scaling, the result will be corrupted because the hardware has to know where the least significant byte will be and shift appropriately.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: CUETools versions 1.9.5 through 2.1.5 (current)
Last post by sanskrit44 -
hey, no worries - it was more or less a kind of remembrance of the good old burrrn days :)

i loved the tool for its modularity, a very clean and simply way to update codecs (if you feel the need for).

i can live with an older flac version, but i would have upgraded if it is just a matter of copying over a file...
CD Hardware/Software / Re: CUETools versions 1.9.5 through 2.1.5 (current)
Last post by Gregory S. Chudov -
First of all, it is. You can actually configure it to use an external command line encoder if you wish to do so.
I wouldn't recommend it. As i said, flac is very stable and there's really no point in updating it.
Personally i use cuetools built in encoder, because it provides better compression than official encoder.
If i didn't have that, i'd use builtin libFLAC version, because it's stable and using a .dll is faster and safer in some ways than using an external command line encoder.
But if for some reason i fail to grasp those two options don't appeal to you, go ahead and configure an external command line encoder.
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