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Other Lossy Codecs / Re: lossyWAV 1.4.2 Development (was 1.5.0)
Last post by Nick.C -
@Nick.C What's our next step here? What should be improved here, LossyWAV or Vorbis?
In my opinion Vorbis should be fixed to properly handle chunks of odd length, in line with the Microsoft/IBM RIFF specification, based on the EA/Commodore IFF specification that preceded it.

A quick and nasty solution would be for lossyWAV to increase the length and stated size of the FACT chunk, if required, to ensure that it is always even, however this would perpetuate support for applications that don't handle WAV files correctly.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: FB 2.2. preview 2024-04-15: configuration broken after crash
Last post by AndreaT -
Hello @Peter , thanks for  your prompt follow-up. Understood how to repair the config.sqlite by myself.
Here you are the suspected corrupted config.sqlite file along with the crash report I had right now on FB closure.
I think this last crash my be connected with the "broken" config.sqlite file.
PS: Crash report also sent by regular service as usual.
Thanks and regards, Andrea

Peter edit: Attachments removed, I got the files, thanks
Support - (fb2k) / FB 2.2. preview 2024-04-15: configuration broken after crash
Last post by AndreaT -
Hello @Peter , just to inform you that after a crash I have the config.sqlite apparently broken or at least inconsistent.
FB 2.2. preview 2024-04-15 does not start with the correct set-up as wanted and does not retain the new settings (shortcuts and cursor follows playback) anymore. It is more or less as the problem I had months ago with other previews.
It would be nice if you could add a feature to clean-up or repair the config.sqlite.
Thanks and regards, Andrea
Development - (fb2k) / Re: converting .flac to .mp3 with the SDK
Last post by Case -
The file format conversion is provided by a component and none of its features are exposed by the SDK. And without optional third party encoder binaries the Converter can only write WAV files.

If you need to encode audio yourself, for example to make a streaming component, you'll need to include the required encoding library and functionality in your component.