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MP3 - General / Re: Resurrecting/Preserving the Helix MP3 encoder
Last post by maikmerten -
I don't really think that the architecture of the AMD Zen APUs really is the main problem here. I'm on an AMD Ryzen Pro 4750G (Zen2-based APU), and here's a 64-bit native Linux compile converting a complete CD album (hmp3 -V100 -HF2)

Code: [Select]
real	0m9,241s
user 0m9,057s
sys 0m0,184s

Here's a 64-bit Windows compile provided by Case (the binary posted on 2024-04-21 07:32:57) on Linux, in Wine, same input, same parameters:

Code: [Select]
real	0m22,239s
user 0m11,178s
sys 0m3,972s

Is the Windows version somehow spamming system calls? The process seems to spend considerable time "elsewhere".


For completeness sake: My mingw64 win64-cross compile yields very similar results:

Code: [Select]
real	0m21,472s
user 0m10,772s
sys 0m3,836s
CUETools / Re: CUERipper terminates after inserting CD
Last post by korth -
The MusicBrainz Disc ID for the West Side Story log is
which has a lead-in of only 45 sectors but all other track start positions are correct
The CTDB has the MusicBrainz Disc ID as xFTMOnQBul3gUpbeXhESPk.ESAY- for your EAC rip.

For the John Patitucci log
The CTDB has the MusicBrainz Disc ID as MmAymsCSMz5gUm1I8J3QeSL.iug- for your EAC rip.
All track start positions except the first track match the following MusicBrainz Disc ID
Off-Topic / Re: Is it still worth having your own music collection in the era of streaming?
Last post by 2tec -
Streaming is a form of communism.
Communism? Oh, you mean like the Kibbutz movement, the Hutterites and the hippies, right? No? Oh, you meant like the USSR, the CCP, the Khmer Rouge and the current regime in North Korea, didn't you? Well it is true, these were and are 'communistic' in name, in reality, they're top down command economies, which aren't actually communist, nor even Marxist. Command economies are actually closer to fascism than communism. However, we often see 'red baiting' where communism is used as a slur to discredit because it's assumed that communism is a failed theory when in fact the opposite is true. Communism works exceedingly well in small communities but like most political structures, it does not scale. What people call 'communism' is most often despotism. Just saying.