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Raise the 30,000 characters limit?

Hi guys,

I am having a long complex syntax to display in the default user interface (a custom column) and even after reducing function names to 2 letters and calling them instead of using tag names and reducing all other function names to 2 letters (to save characters) I get over 30,000 character count. The problem is, when the column has a syntax over 30,000 characters, it won't show anything, it will just be an empty field.

So the question is, would it be possible to raise the maximum character limit to some bigger number?  For my syntax, 50,000 would surely be enough. Or if you don't want to change it as the default, could you make it optional (like put in the preferences options a check to increase the count to 50,000 characters)?

Thank you, all the best.

Re: Raise the 30,000 characters limit?

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I have the same issue with syntax to be put in bottom status bar - the formulas are too long and it does not display everything I have written.


Re: Raise the 30,000 characters limit?

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When it comes to formatting code, a wishlist item:
Multi-line window allowing formatting with linebreaks and tabs (which are to be ignored during parsing).

(Of course it means you will have to ignore requests of parentheses-matching, syntax highlighting and the whole shebang, or at least an "open in external editor".)