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[v2] Preview

32bit/64bit foo_preview 1.0

Plays first seconds of consecutive tracks.

Main Menu Command: Playback/Preview

Re: [v2] Preview

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Is there a hotkey that can activate the preview function?

Re: [v2] Preview

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Is there a setting to have it preview from the middle of songs instead of just from the start?  Either by time, or by percentage of total track length? Also it would really be useful to me if the position could be randomized, as this would facilitate testing my knowledge of track titles - I wouldn't be hearing the same sample from each track all the time, when I repeat the playlist again in a random order.

Re: [v2] Preview

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32bit/64bit foo_preview 1.4 and newer


Re: [v2] Preview

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Thank you, Grimes, for integrating my above suggestions in version 1.5. It appears to work well. Nice component.

Do you know a way to get the current status of the preview from elsewhere in Foobar2000, such as from a JavaScript panel or a title formatting string? I'd consider using this to display visually whether preview is currently on or off, and/or to show how much time is left in the preview of the current track.

Re: [v2] Preview

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Hey Grimes

I had been using your component foo_preview very often lately and is great, but i found some things that maybe you can use for the next upgrade

1. the internal timer must be per track
2. the internal timer must pause when pause (related with the above point)


1. Add a configurable % of ending file
2. Add the ability to bypass the preview feature on a configurable length of audio file.


Re: [v2] Preview

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Another suggestion that came in my mind while i was doing things not related to this, is the time jump feature,
i mean:
Configure time jumps (in percents or Seconds) on the same previewing audio file
for example; Start at 23% to 36% then jumps to 60% to 70% and so on with many jumps as configured.

Hope you get the idea.

regards again

Re: [v2] Preview

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Thank you ! :D
Almost all done although:

1. A preview length in percent would be nice
2. Preview end in percent it would work in some situations so, nice to add.
3. The described jump mode also would be nice too

A bug:

The preview seems to fix to 3 seconds

This is my current config that i was using, only tweaked the new option (Bypass track length) to 30 seconds

Again thanks


Edit: grammar and added the second point.

Re: [v2] Preview

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Preview 1.22

FIX: Percent, Random
Further improvements
ADD: Preview length percent
ADD: Loop
Preview length limit
ADD: Seek callback
ADD: Preview length random
ADD: Preview end percent

Thanks for the feedback, bug reports are welcome.

Re: [v2] Preview

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Great!, waiting (take your time, is not so serious the "waiting"), for more features.

Re: [v2] Preview

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Adding multiple consecutive previews for single song would be great addition. So first preview from random position lasting 30s, then second one from later random position lasting another 30s. This could be great for longer and more dynamic albums.

Ofc your settings are still obayed, its just multiple times and plugin makes sure previews are sorted in time.

I envision this as single additional setting

- Number of single track previews: [ 2 ]

Re: [v2] Preview

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Bug: the preview option 'Length in %' seems to do nothing, i have this config; what it does, is the preview 'start in %' but ignore the 'length in %' playing until the 'end in %', if i disable 'end in %' the length is now in seconds even if the checkbox is in %

Re: [v2] Preview

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Thank you for your work. Could it be possible to make this component work with online radio streams? (Play x number of seconds and then skip.)


Re: [v2] Preview

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Hello grimes,

thank you for this very useful component and adding useful features!. It is very much appreceated !

Would it be possible to add an option to NOT start a song when clicking Main Menu Command: Playback/Preview (or a corresponding button via CUI) ?

I'd like to just enable or disable the preview from time to time, but not start a song when I enable the preview.

Re: [v2] Preview

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Is it possible to save an album preview (as FLAC, for example) using this plugin?
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