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[OPEN SOURCE] MLAC, a mostly lossless audio codec

Just discovered, not that "new" (2020):
This is work in progress. The MLAC format is not yet frozen, so audio encoded using one version will probably not be decoded properly using another version.

16-bit stereo audio encoding and decoding works.

The lossless mode gives almost FLAC-like compression for difficult material, and is faster both in encoding and decoding. The packet size is suitable for Bluetooth Low Energy audio applications. The lossy mode could still be improved, and there is no stream handling yet. I suggest to switch to lossy mode for each packet that might otherwise result in an audio buffer underrun.

Hybrid Multimedia Production Suite will be a platform-indipendent open source suite for advanced audio/video contents production.
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Re: [OPEN SOURCE] MLAC, a mostly lossless audio codec

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Work in progress, they said. Last updated 4 years ago, Codeberg added. M-m, okay.
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