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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by sesh432 -
Hello, managed to get it working with yt-dlp.exe latest from github and added it to environmental variables path. Chose external and preferer over internal as mentioned in previous post by "cantaro_sinfonico", youtube-dl.exe did not work for me. Plus make sure to put your youtube's api key. File > Preferences > Tools > Youtube Source > Maintenance
Off-Topic / other websites and companies, and anti-anti-
Last post by madastd -
other websites and companies,

just remember all other companies even if they are not webrelated that offer products to get rid of something like addblockes antimallware, and ant-spy  even rat poison or guns, have their own ledgers an collect their own data, i'm not saying what you should support and what not, but remember wether you want to pay for their products and services or use them for free, they all have the right to track you and collect your data "fairly",  but that does not mean they all do that fairly and wont sell your data they collected to bidders.

Even the artists you support care about their fans sometimes. just saying
Off-Topic / foobar embeded buttons on third party websites
Last post by madastd -
sheesh i didn't realize theres official embeded buttons to use on your own webpages to link back to the website,
i just made my own on my webpage,  but i'd love to see other peoples tributes to the foobar2000 .org site
 :)  i think it would be cool to see those foobar embeded buttons just to check how they stylize the pages!  8)
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: ADC (Adaptive Differential Coding) My Experimental Lossy Audio Codec
Last post by -
I have developed a slightly different approach for better performance in terms of jitter and linearity of the sound. I have added the possibility of choosing a compression range from 512 to 4096 variable to your liking. I added the "p" option which allows you to decompress and play (with the standard Windows application) the adc file.

I hope that this version can give better results than previous one. I will test it tomorrow when I have access to a computer (I'm posting from smartphone lol).
Anyway, there's a long path to make a good and useful codec (QOA is almost just a joke and there are some basic 'codecs' that are just so bad and useless).
Speech Codecs / Re: Google Lyra goes to open source (C++)
Last post by -
@autodidact I managed to compress and decompress using only the default bitrate 3200, whereas some sound garbage came out on 6000 and 9200.

It sounds like garbage because you need to specify the bitrate in the decoder (if not it decodes in the lowest mode, because it has not automatic detection).
Anyway, I warn you that the quality does not increase so much. And at 9.2 kbps Opus (1.4/1.5, not mind) is just somewhat better than Lyra.
foobar2000 for Mac / copy & paste songs from one playlist into another
Last post by HeBu -

I use fb2000 vision 2.6.4. I'd like to copy a song (or selection) from one playlist (e.g. "all songs") and will paste it into another playlist. When I mark one song / different songs, I can't copy them (Edit -> copy is not available)

Is there any way to copy songs?

Thanks in advance and best regards
General - (fb2k) / Re: What components does fb2k (64-bit) need to play high-res files?
Last post by Air KEN -
Forget about uDSD Decoder (foo_input_udsd).
The settings above will be OK for audio files including DSD, DXD and High-Resolution Audio.
I will state it again.

Super Audio CD Decoder (foo_input_sacd.dll)
only foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component

ASIO+DSD support (foo_out_asio+dsd.dll)

1. foobar2000 Preferences > Tools > SACD > Output (per device) DSD+PCM > Sampleate 384000
2. Output: ASIO+DSD:  ASIO Driver Select


For non-DSD files, the following settings and components are available.
Please change the Output.

Output: Defaluit Device [exclusive] (Standard wasapi exclusive mode) ← This is recommended

ASIO Output (foo_out_asio)
Download → foo_out_asio.fb2k-component

WASAPI shared output (foo_out_wasapis)
Download → foo_out_wasapis.fb2k-component