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Audio Hardware / Re: All DAC use PDM, even for PCM?
Last post by tehabe -
OP wants "native 16 bit" though. I'm not sure what this means.

I don't want a 16 bit PCM DAC, my question is just how are DAC really designed and does it matter if I just want to listen to music?

Of course, HA is also part of the audiophile community. It's a shame we've let a few marketers and scammers discredit an entire community.

I kinda disagree, for me it seems that most of the audiophile world doesn't understand or doesn't want to understand how digital audio works. I a while ago, audiophiles were confused when they found out that Apple would dare to use AAC for AirPlay instead of Lossless.even though AirPlay allows different codecs to be used.

But in the end, this digital data needs to be converted into a analog signal, which can drive a speaker so I can hear it. And I remember a Philips CD player I owned in the late 1990s which said it was a 1 bit DAC or I also had a Technics with MASH which was (as i found out later) a 4 bit DAC.

This is why I joined HA, wanted to know how this works. Of course I forget these things and search is also not always working.

P.S. Also why I prefer to watch Fantano
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: ADC (Adaptive Differential Coding) My Experimental Lossy Audio Codec
Last post by Nania Francesco -
Thanks for any help you will give me to improve the codec which is still in its initial state with many things to improve. By the way, I think I've solved the problem of single or multi-channel files. The hourly compression limit for 16-bit files remains. Forget. I still implemented compression while the ADC engine remains the same. I am therefore releasing this version 0.0.4! this version compresses 1-2% better with the same quality.

I installed avg free and it doesn't report any viruses. I use upx to compress the exe file, maybe that's the problem!

Of course, to see backward compatibility I have to stabilize the codec. I don't know when, I hope soon.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [Not My Release] EsPlaylist
Last post by cwb -
This has been bugging me for months and after posting above looking for a solution - it, the solution, is found:

After doing a search with EsPlaylist, and getting search results, click the three dots (ellipsis) in the EsPlaylist search bar, and click "New Playlist". This sends the search results to a new playlist.

I'm feeling pretty stupid and very happy at the same time.
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: ADC (Adaptive Differential Coding) My Experimental Lossy Audio Codec
Last post by -
I have developed a slightly different approach for better performance in terms of jitter and linearity of the sound. I have added the possibility of choosing a compression range from 512 to 4096 variable to your liking. I added the "p" option which allows you to decompress and play (with the standard Windows application) the adc file.

I hope that this version can give better results than previous one. I will test it tomorrow when I have access to a computer (I'm posting from smartphone lol).
Anyway, there's a long path to make a good and useful codec (QOA is almost just a joke and there are some basic 'codecs' that are just so bad and useless).

Okay I'm late but that isn't relevant. The .zip (and .exe inside) is detected as virus by Windows Defender (but that is not problem for me because I finally test all in a Windows 7 VM). VirusTotal also gives a prudent result, so I'm not sure of what's hapenning here. Anyways for testing in VM there's no problem, but I advise for have caution.
And a question for the author of the codec, what can be a reasonable explanation to that issue?

About the codec itself, it sucks when coding mono, it has an annoying hissing tone (viewing the spectrogram them are apparently the low frequencies inverted in the high band). But in stereo it does a good work, reducing filesize to a ~¼ of the original, and being transparent (as far I can hear). It does not support more than 2 channels.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [Not My Release] EsPlaylist
Last post by cwb -
A question for anyone with knowledge in using the built-in search function of EsPlaylist:

If I do a search in a playlist using the built-in search function of EsPlaylist, and I then select all of the search results with the idea of copying, or sending the search results to another playlist. The contents of the whole playlist are copied over to the new playlist, not just the search results.

Is there a reasonable way to copy just the search results over to another playlist?

The only way I have found to do it, is to select each result of the search individually, until all of the search result entries have been selected, and then send the results to a another playlist. Doing this is tedious and not really feasible for searches with a lot of results.

CD Hardware/Software / [EAC] FLAC final part of the song cut cleanly, while the original fades out
Last post by Edo61 -
Hello everyone,
I am actually ripping my CD's collection, trying to do that in the best possible way.
I am using Exact Audio Copy, that worhs great; the only problem is that, while the original songs on CD, ath the end fades out, the ripped file (FLAC) ends suddenly in a not pleasant way.
I tried so long to search any setting into EAC that could fix this issue, without any result.
Could someone help me?