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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Input/Other decoders (special format) 64bit
Last post by ghf_50 -
I’m wondering how fb2k install fb2k-component.
what mechanism it is.

When I install “SNESAPU input”, the file in fb2k-component package “snesapu.dll” NOT extracted into component folder along with foo_snesapu.dll and spc
While other component like vgmstream input install all dll file into component folder.

So here is my question: who decide what files should be installed?  foobar2000 itself or something internal list inside foo_xxx.dll.
foobar2000 for Mac / Audio Unit inside layout txt
Last post by heybart -
Hi @Peter

It's very cool that with the new preview version, we can add audio unit inside layout now. But it seems the embedded AU is unconnected with the AU of same name in the active DSP chain? They're two separate instances. As opposed to View > DSP > plugin-name, which actually shows the plugin that is in the DSP chain.

Second, changing things in the embedded AU has no effect on the sound. Is this intended to be for visual (readout) only?

Third, the changelog mentions >>Added "Visualize with Audio Unit"<< What does this do? Is this in the settings somewhere? I cannot find it.

Thanks for the cool work you are doing
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Discord Rich Presence Integration (foo_discord_rich)
Last post by SoSheolH -
set up the album art uploader with the plugin today through PowerShell 7/Catbox; working well, but for some reason this specific album - Viator, by Jack Stauber - just refuses to upload the album art and spits out 'status:259 and error:' every time

tried reducing the resolution since it was 3000x3000: no change
tried changing filetype from .jpg to .png: no change
clearing artwork does nothing, and manually uploading the progress bar doesn't move and it gives up after about 10s
no extra metadata in properties, however it did have some option related to windows security to unblock it due to it coming from another pc - tried this, no change
also tried replacing the file entirely with album art sourced from a different site: still refuses to upload

tried replacing the file with another image entirely, though, with the same name 'Viator', and it uploaded successfully
makes me think it's something about the cover itself that it's having trouble processing - colours? really have no idea

original version of the album art itself: [attach type=image]31214[/attach]
and a link to a successful, manual Catbox upload of the same image:

aaand disregard, for some reason the pc woke up today and decided to upload the album art fine despite my previous restarts not changing anything
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: NEW ESLyric v0.5 - an alternative lyric show component
Last post by Habanero -
In Search Settings/Field Processing, try checking, or un-checking depending on where it's at now, the Operation "Remove characters."
This one? I think I worded it poorly. My track title is normal (自転車), but Genius puts the romanization in parenthesis (自転車 (Jitensha)), which I think is messing up search results. I tried unchecking the box and removing the filter, but it still doesn't come up. Searching for 自転車 Tsushi Mamire on the website's own search bar brings it up, so at least it doesn't seem completely broken.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_text (Text Visualizer)
Last post by Julero -
Not sure pgyt understands what you are even asking, but I have the impression that people are abusing his text output tool for things it was never meant for. If your baby is abused you are not very keen on helping people abuse it further.

But that's pgyt's fault for gluing a browser into the component. It's sad to see everything turning into Electron app or a browser-powered monster.

A browser is excellent for many things. Check out programs like Obsidian, Visual Studio Code, Slack, Skype, Whatsapp for desktop, etc.

The good thing about having a browser embedded is how powerful it is in terms of design, animations, faders, effects, etc. Everything you see on the www you can have on Foobar for your covers, titles, backgrounds, etc.

What a coincidence that two of the best tools for Foobar2000 use Javascript, in this case JScript Panel 3 and Spider Monkey Panel.

And now, this new plugin (foo_vis_text) that also offers very positive things to the player.

We cannot turn our back on embedding browsers within Foobar.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: NEW ESLyric v0.5 - an alternative lyric show component
Last post by sveakul -
Also, it seems that the Genius source script has trouble parsing non-English track titles (which have a parenthesis in the track title). I tried searching for this one and it didn't come up.
In Search Settings/Field Processing, try checking, or un-checking depending on where it's at now, the Operation "Remove characters."
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist view issue
Last post by olethefirst -
UPD: I see it has something to do with the borders of album titles within playlists. So it's not a bug but just how the interface of the latest version works. No very convenient after 13 years of using older versions, but I guess that's the way it all goes!
General Audio / Re: Cutoff frequencies of lossy codecs
Last post by john33 -
@DVDdoug I think OGG is doing worse. I prefer 22050Hz 32kbps FhG encoded MP3 over 22050Hz 32kbps Aotuv encoded OGG Vorbis, because it has richer spectrum as it has a narrower frequency range.

Narrower frequency range gives richer spectrum? Errrrr. what?
Sorry, dude, but your takes on pretty much anything don't make any sense, and i've seen you spreading such kind of misinformation across multiple threads. What is your point?
I can only agree. All the similar comments suggest a pronounced hearing defect, not wishing to sound(!!) unkind.