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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: [fb2k v2] Vital Bookmarks
Last post by Cyrkadia -
First Thank you for the addon.
I have a suggestion: I find clics behaviours counter intuitive. Single clic should not enter rename mode but single clic should just select an entry, by convention you select an item before calling a right clic menu. Also, double click should resume the bookmark and the rename function should be, imho, a right clic menu option. I think most of the time you want to resume, more often than renaming an entry.
Validated News / Re: Exact Audio Copy v1.7 [now v1.8]
Last post by rowi -
Another unfixed Bugs:
I like to use the Flac format with embedded cue sheet for archiving CDs and was surprised that sometimes the Flac archive generation fails.

That's a bit mean. The RollingsStone CD producers like to use characters in the CD title that are not allowed in file names. In this particular case 06/24.

EAC also detects this and replaces the characters. But in the %CUESHEET% macro, the original CD title with the illegal character is returned as the file name, while EAC has created the CUE sheet with the corrected file names.

i wrote nonsens: EAC has no %CUESHEET%-Macro. 
For this reason, I had created a file name for the CUE sheet from the macros "%albumartist% - %albumtitle%.cue" some years ago.
It would be nice if EAC had a macro for this.
Sorry for the noise.
CD Hardware/Software / Re: REACT2 alternatives
Last post by rowi -
Creating flac files with embedded CUE sheets with EAC requires no external software.
The CMD-Line is this (all in one Line):
-s -5 --tag-from-file="CUESHEET=%albumartist% - %albumtitle%.cue" -T "COMMENT=%comment%" %hascover%--picture="%coverfile%"%hascover% --cuesheet "%albumartist% - %albumtitle%.cue" %source% -o %dest%
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: OpenMPT Module Decoder
Last post by Saga Musix -
Hi all, OpenMPT author here. I see that the plugin hasn't been updated in a while. @Peter would it be possible to update the plugin to use the latest libopenmpt version? There have been quite a few playback fixes since the last update.

Playing the first file (Gloomyness.SymMOD) I noticed that foobar2000 with OpenMPT module decoder 0.7.1 / 0.7.3 plays this song in mono. But the MP3 has a stereo panorama.
The file plays exactly the same in Symphonie. You can see in the video that the video creator has set the "dPit" value in Symphonie's GUI to 20 and "dSmp" to 150, and those two effects are responsible for creating this effect (they detune and delay the left and right channels slightly), but the dPit and dSmp values stored in the file are both 0. So the author of the video thought that the song sounds nicer that way and they edited it. But the original file doesn't play like that. Hence there's nothing to fix here.

If you feel that anything else might not be played correctly by this plugin, please open a bug report at the OpenMPT issue tracker as I will not be monitoring this forum constantly.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by Air KEN -
I appreciate your work

Reply #1570,110516.msg1048177.html#msg1048177
However, there is a script that cannot be displayed and I am struggling with it.

{deployed} album_art [brute-force search].txt
     JSP3 Cover Panel (64bit DUI)
  Thumbs art mode > Circular
     Edit properties > 2K3.THUMB.PX > 150

Albumart and Thumbs Isn't the scroll upside down?