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General Audio / Re: Detecting whether a 24-bit file has been upconverted from 16-bit?
Last post by j7n -
With a rompler, you would talk about the quality of each sample, if it hisses, clicks while looping or otherwise distorts. A sample can be played quietly where its problems don't stand out, but the mix then requires more bits. A wavetable synthesizer has a mixing bit depth. For example the old SYXG-50 drivers were 13 bits and hissed noticeably with tonal sounds like solo piano.

If you took an MP3 file and re-digitized it, a spectrogram would show where the encoder has preserve the original noise floor. If the noise of a given file is always high, then the bit depth can be reduced without any practical loss, without investigating how the noise came to be there.
General Audio / Re: Detecting whether a 24-bit file has been upconverted from 16-bit?
Last post by bennetng -
I've played-around with some of these tools in the past and they were easy to fool and I recently downloaded Bitter (which I tried in Audacity).     MP3s from ripped CDs show about 30-bits (which is true depending on the MP3 decoder).
bitter can't even survive simple dithering, let alone mp3.
My software cannot survive lossy compression either, but for basic operations like volume adjustment and dithering, it works.
...and here are some examples of my software scanning some MQA files:
The software doesn't really know what MQA is. For this specific purpose, mansr's mqascan tool should be used.

But then something as simple as playing a 16-bit file and re-digitize the analog output at 24-bit is good enough to hide everything, and I wonder how someone can determine the "true" bit-depth of tracker music or wavetable synthesizer with 4MB of PCM ROM :D
MP3 / Re: MP3 file encoded by Google
Last post by j7n -
Not in headers but in unused space. Lame is also the only encoder that fills this space with alternating bit pattern 101010.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Running Foobar in Linux
Last post by paregistrase -
@John Pym You can workaround this limitation with a custom keyboard shortcut. For example in gnome. Going to settings-keyboard shortcuts. Scroll down and press +. Add a name "foobar2000 play/pause" in command add
Code: [Select]
env WINEPREFIX="path to your wine prefix" wine path to foobar2000.exe /playpause
in shortcut choose a key combination (ctrl+alt+p) for example.
You can also use the original media keys but you must disable default shortcuts and you will lose the gnome integration (mpris, etc)
With foobar2000 running this shortcuts works even if it is not selected. Problem is that if is not running the shortcut start the player instead of fails.
Same for the rest of foobar commands (/stop /exit etc)
Is not perfect but usable
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.3.3
Last post by Porcus -
I think it's a WAV wrapped in a FLAC.  I could be wrong.
Yep, you are  ;)  I don't think that is even possible, but read:
Apparently the "uncompressed" FLAC cannot switch off FLAC's "wasted bits" feature. I.e. if you fit a 16-bit signal into a 24-bit WAV (or AIFF), it will pad up eight bits with zeroes; flac.exe will notice that the eight bits are "wasted" and treat it as a 16 bit signal (this is in each subframe header, the file will be flagged as 24-bit). Other codecs offer that as well, more in section 2.3 of . There seems no way to pass options to the reference flac.exe to force wasted bits to zero.

Quote from: soundping
Unsurprising. Whenever that guy sees a buzzword at dBpoweramp, he copies it - to the point of calling his ripping engine "AccurateCDDA" to leech on AccurateRip.
Just avoid.
General - (fb2k) / Apple AAC
Last post by botface -
I installed itunes some time ago just so that I can use Apple's AAC in the Converter. I don't actually use itunes at all for anything. I am wondering if it's possible to locate and move the relevant components of itunes to somewhere like the fb2k encoders folder so that I can uninstall itunes but continue to muse Apple AAC in Converter
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Get Covers (Artwork) radio logos
Last post by Mrakobes -
@kgena_ua Also, please make it possible to raise one level up, if a two-disc edition, to the folder with the artist

Dark Tranquillity
                        |2020 - Moment
                                                        |Dark Tranquillity - 2020 - Moment (CD1).cue

In general, study only the folder "Covers" and do not read other images
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