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Title: [Feature Request] | *[All Tracks] Button In Genre View
Post by: bababooey on 2021-04-11 03:31:58
I'm sure it's been requested before but I figured I might as well shoot my shot here, if there's already a way to do this I haven't found it yet.

When browsing an Artist listing with multiple albums, there's an  *[All Tracks] button at the top, the console displays this location as
Code: [Select]
Browse: entering: Genre|Jazz|Bill Evans Trio| [All Tracks]

It would be amazing if there were a similar button at the genre level, or even just some way to manually browse to the location
Code: [Select]
Browse: entering: Genre|Jazz| [All Tracks]

I love fb2k on my phone, nearly returned a FiiO M6 because the pre-bundled player was so crappy until I found out I could just install fb2k on it, and this is literally the only function I miss when using it.
I know I could technically just create a playlist for each genre, but in some cases that would require going through hundreds of artists, and then also manually maintaining the playlists when I add or delete songs from my library. Having a way to just play all tracks within a genre on the fly would be so much more convenient.

Thanks for reading
Title: Re: [Feature Request] | *[All Tracks] Button In Genre View
Post by: bababooey on 2021-04-11 19:17:19
In a cruel twist of fate, a couple hours after posting this I found out if you play a song and use the "..." menu to get to "More In: [Genre]" you can get to All Tracks that way.

So nevermind, it's perfect, don't change a thing, thanks again!
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