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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by Fizbin -
I think I've found a bug with SMP 1.6.0. Perhaps it's already been reported. When I use 1.6.0 with Tedgo's Darkone, every SMP panel flickers on and off when I resize the window. What I mean is when I minimize and then grab a corner and stretch it in and out. The buttons also dance around more than they should.

Replacing the 1.6.0 dll with 1.5.8 fixes it.

It took me awhile to trouble shoot it. I killed every panel except one SMP and then I inserted a Jscript panel. The SMP (1.6.0) flickered but the Jscript did not.
General Audio / Re: Purchased download advice needed
Last post by DVDdoug -
The highs appear to be filtered but it's impossible to know if it was once lossy because we don't know what kind if processing it's been through.    It could also be the nature of the instruments.   Are there any cymbals or brass, etc., with lots of high-frequency energy?

If you had the original CD you could compare but it's also possible (but unusual) for CDs to be sourced from lossy recordings.

BTW - There are effects for "restoring" high frequencies and/or bit-depth and you can decode  process an MP3 to fake-it and make it "measure"  like a high definition recording, but the compression artifacts won't be removed.
Vinyl / Re: Vinyl Is Selling So Well That It’s Getting Hard to Sell Vinyl
Last post by 2tec -
I agree the prices can be excessive. There's always some degree of classism and elitism no matter what it seems. Vinyl also seems like a perfect fit for this type of marketing. Limited runs, consumable, and artsy; perfect for collecting and even hoarding. There's no doubt that some people are more into collecting vinyl than listening to it. Also, I'll occasionally buy two limited edition or first editions, keep one unopened and sell it later to recoup some of my 'investment'.
MP3 - Tech / Re: mp3DirectCut leaving the original 'length' metadata in edits
Last post by Markuza97 -
jaybeee, I have some problems with your website.
On both the PC (Windows) and Android when using Chrome nothing happens when I left click to download the files.
If I right click and choose "Save link as..." the following message appears:

Sure, I can click "Keep" and it will download the files normally, but most people will think links are dead.

I can see that link posted by Porcus is actually using web archive.
I guess me and Porcus did the same thing.
We both thought links are dead so we used web archive instead.
On Firefox it works normally.
Maybe you can add warning message for Chrome users?
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