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foobar2000 silently crashed and lost everything

Long story short... I was importing themes in DUI mode and switching around 2-3 themes when suddenly my fb2k closes. It didn't prompt anything regarding fb2k crashing on my latest instance. Opening up fb2k it completely reset everything and my spider monkey panels showed a totally new error for the first time where it no longer has the panel's script loaded.

In panic I decided to close it back again hoping it will restore but no luck. Checking the Media Library it was reading tags from the start... I decided to open fb2k in safe mode and that's when it pointed out one of the components are corrupted and suggested running the installer.

Now while running the installer it gave further insight that my fb2k instance was still running... it wasn't shown anywhere on Task Manager but once I dug in through Services it showed fb2k service as Suspended and using End Task gave an error back saying Access Denied.

At that point I was forced to just restart my computer to completely get rid of that service and it looks like I've completely lost my database changes made.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't realise this is the wrong sub-board, could someone change this to Support?

Re: foobar2000 silently crashed and lost everything

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Just to support this, I feel like it might be another case of,124144.0.html

Where my fb2k faced a deadlock? the recent most component I've downloaded was foo_coverflow_mod and foo_vis_spectrum_analyzer but without any debug logs I can't point the blame at any of the components... I'm closely monitor the situation to see if I face this again.