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Album art pattern matching regression

This is specifically related to jxl files. I had a bug report for my component which uses WIC like fb2k itself. JXL stub images/embedded JXL work fine but putting cover.jxl in the album art preferences fails to load on current versions. I already know wildcards are not supported for exotic file formats.

I know this worked in the past so I tested 2.0 just now which works as expected. I then tested 2.1 which is also broken. So something has changed there.

To test, this dll is required...

Code: [Select]
regsvr32 jxl_winthumb.dll

To uninstall

Code: [Select]
regsvr32 /u jxl_winthumb.dll

Re: Album art pattern matching regression

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Thanks for this, was unaware of how easy it was to apply *.jxl support to jscript3's Album Art panel!  For those who were also unaware:

Place the dll in the Windows\System 32 folder before applying the install command marc2k3 posted using Administrative privileges.

I didn't need to restart afterwards (Windows 10 22H2).  This will also allow Windows Photo Viewer to open JXL images.  Good luck in getting the Foobar bug for cover.jxl in the search pattern list fixed!

Re: Album art pattern matching regression

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Fixed, thanks for reporting.
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