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Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP

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Yes, the file is there (in xxx-scripts\helpers), and the bug still appears even with the last SMP version.
But if it affects just me I can patiently wait for the next versions, where it hopefully will be fixed...

(Not sure where I should report this bug, anyway... Here I can't find any (recent / open) thread referring to this issue. Do you mean this one? I'm a bit lost when it comes to coding and stuff...)

Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP

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At its thread or github (your link):

Have no idea what's going on, since it works on my side on win 10 and win 7 pcs but another user had problems at win 7.

Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP

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Oh, I see that you've already reported it, thanks.
By the way, I'm on win 10.


Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP

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I was having this exact problem with the World Map script. The file is there but I get the same error message saying it doesn't point to valid file. For some reason, the release version of the script seems to work fine for me. I'm using Windows 10 as well.

Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP

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Have updated the repository with a new feature to automatically add tags to tracks added to playlists (see changelog) with TF expressions, a set value or JS functions.This:;topicseen#new
Also an important bugfix on autosaving (not applying on filtered playlists).

If anyone want to test it, download the files directly from the repository not the releases. Please have in mind the relative path bug on SMP has not been solved yet, so I have no idea if it will work for you!
(it's recommended to also download the latest files from the rest of my scripts in that case, since I have changed all with major changes)

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