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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Library Tree Discussion
Last post by n0stalgia -
Is there a way in title formatting to hide a field? I'd like to sort albums by date, but not display it.

Code: [Select]
%album artist%|[%date%] %album%

Ideally, the output would be
    Album 1
    Album 2

While albums are sorted by date, not alphabetically.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Get Covers (Artwork) radio logos
Last post by Mrakobes -
Ahhh, it works! Thanks!!
- I also wanted to sort images - I scroll through them by scrolling, so they are not flipped alphabetically, and sometimes even in reverse sorting 4 (25) 5 (25) 6 (25) 9 (25) 3 (25) 2 (25) 1 (25) 25 (25), I still didn't understand the principle. How to do it alphabetically? I tried other scans, when scrolling for myself, the viewing goes in the opposite direction, as a rule, in viewers, I scroll for myself this forward
- How do I disable photo zooming? It would be even better to make a reduction to the size of the screen only large, and small ones in the real size in the center
- How do I make 4/25 (with a slash)?
- I haven't figured out how to change the color of the explanations yet, I changed the font to the desired one and I can't see the white color, it's not visible. - custom color - true
- Even in the full path before and after the backslash, a space is added that is not necessary in my opinion.

+ I also really want miniatures at the bottom, just gorgeous

Maybe take a part of the code from here

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Synchronizing playlists on two systems
Last post by isaiah36 -
First read this and then download the plugin.

Follow those steps to install my scripts. (green button: code\download zip)
you have a full readme in pdf and several txt files explaining all steps required.

.... The readmes tell you where and how to install things, but the general idea is that. Don't get lost on the details.

What you try to achieve requires out of the box solutions, so it's either using my scripts, using symlinks or a single foobar portable instance installed on the network disk (so it can be run anywhere you have access to that disk).

I saw "(you only need foo_spider_monkey_panel.fb2k-component)." The release page has 1.6.0 but there is a loud warning not to use it. Where is the release for 1..5.2? Could you link me straight to the download of 1.5.2 foo_spider_monkey_panel.fb2k-component? I downloaded the zip file, and there is no such file in it. The Readme is not a text file, Windows cannot open it. I understand nothing of what is going on at Github pages---it is not for end users. The word "download" is nowhere.

There is however "No download available" here:

I will try the portable install on the network drive. If two desktops can use it simultaneously without problems it may be the easiest solution for me.

Thanks again for your patient efforts!
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Unrecoverable playback error: Element not found. (0x80070490)
Last post by galocza -
primary sound driver (exclusive) 16/24/32bit:
Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported stream format: 22050 Hz / 16-bit / 1 channels (0x4)

speakers (avantree leaf)  (exclusive) 16/24/32bit:
as above

speakers (avantree leaf):
although ive tried it before and i could swear that it didnt work (maybe ive gotten the second error message then) i tried again and now it works. thats good but not completely satisfying: from time to time i also use the monitors speakers or the mobo realtek audio connected to a mini hifi (rarely, so now both audio devices disabled).

primary sound driver:
still showing me the fig

but the funny thing is that in 1.3.17 primary sound driver is ok. i have to think that its some sync/connection issue. waking up the pc takes a few seconds, maybe waking up the dongle takes some extra time, connecting to the headphones is 30+ seconds.
perhaps in the new version foobar2000 checks devices after waking up the pc which arent there yet. although i switched off every power saving function concerning usb devices... i really dont know.
EDIT: all seems ok until the headphones are connected to the avantree 'dongle'. pc wakes up, i can resume playing the track from the time paused on (although of course i cant hear it), but once the headphones are connected wirelessly to avantree -> error message.
now ive tried with two pairs (avantree p90 and sennheiser hd 450bt), same result.
maybe i should give up and reinstall the older version.

ps: in the meantime ive searched for alternatives with my preferences (easy taskbar pause/resume, headphones pause/resume, remember track, not that big and bloated sw) and ive found exactly one from about two dozen tested: xion player. and that one, just like earlier foobar2000 works fine...
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