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Re: About the FeralA decoder -- mucho progress.

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Initially, I have two suggestions:
1) Be patient with relearning what a recording really sounds like (really -- go to a music store and talk into a TLM103 or somesuch -- sounds NOTHING like vocals in a CD.)
2) Be patient with me.   I make lots of mistakes, like my pre-mature announcement.  It was getting closer than ever, but then some of my reviewers 'corrected' me.
3)  This is an exquisitely complicated program with math that would knock your socks off.  Some of the algorithms do not exist in public (esp regardning removing the modulation components from gain controlled material.)  BTW, the math 'knocks my socks off' also -- it isn't easy stuff.


a quick retort.

1) I understand that a direct feed doesn't sound like the finished material. This is why teams of people are employed to (essentially) post process the material to make it sound good (or different at least). This is why we invented EQs, compressors, etc. There's a whole industry devoted to this. For some reason your tastes seem to be stuck with records made in the 60s, with this very warm, dense sound (which, I do like too. This is why the original Teo Marcel masters of the Davis stuff are my fave). These changes are very much the intent of the artist. Why do you want your recordings to sound like unfinished, unmixed, unmastered demos?

2) Of course, it's clearly a very technical and complex device you're making. Well beyond anything I understand.

3) I understand, and fully commend your efforts. However, I guess my criticism is that what you're doing is selling this as a device which "fixes these recordings". When in reality what you're making is a device which drastically changes the recordings to match your own personal preference.

You are correct. This destroys all fidelity in every recording.