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How can I check the capabilities of my sound card.

I have a Sound Blaster 1024 player and I'm using Compaq drivers with WinME.
When I check my soundcard capabilities with RMAA4alpha it says it's capable of doing full duplex 44, 48 and 96KHz SR and 8, 16, 24, 32-4b, 32-IEEE bits. I can run all the tests but the 24bits tests.

My question is: I thought this card only supported up to 48KHz and 16bits frequency, so is this another thing or how can I check the real capabilities of the card?

By the way, I saw on another thread a test with RMAA, using a Live card which gave "very poor" results for Stereo Crosstalk. I also had "very poor" results but after I went to surround mixer, selected 4 speaker output and then again 2 speaker output I got "Very good" results, so it may not be a bad line-in problem as it was mentioned.

Please bear with me, I really don't know much about this stuff.