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Topic: Winamp "dynamic reducer" plugin too :P (for EQ) (Read 2607 times) previous topic - next topic
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Winamp "dynamic reducer" plugin too :P (for EQ)

I'm looking for another kind of 'dynamic reducer' plugin though... and I dunno the right term for it because I don't even know if there is even such a thing...

I use my EQ aggressively to compensate for my earphones' weak midrange, but I'll need to buy a headphone amp because the EQ reduces the volume of the tracks overall (it can only EQ down, not up, or else some tracks are going to clip...)

Before I get the money or the time to buy the headphone amp though, is there some way to make the EQ more well-behaved in boosting bands?

What I have in mind:
1. EQ normally boosts band x (say the 440Hz band) by y dB
2. When EQ encounters a section of the track where boosting band x by y dB would cause clipping, EQ reduces boost to that band to stay within limits...

This would still introduce distortion but would be better than my current situation where I have to flatten the EQ to avoid reducing volume too much while at the same time trying to correct my earphones' frequency response as much as the situation allows...

Is there an EQ plugin (or any EQ at all) that does this? Thanks