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Artist and song names start with a capital letter.

How do I change, for example, the names of the entire album's artist and songs to start with a capital letter in one go.

Re: Artist and song names start with a capital letter.

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You Will The Capital Letters In Any Word Including Small Ones
by right-clicking on the field and selecting "Capitalize". Note that it will make "pt. II CD1" into "Pt. Ii Cd1".

Edit: Mea culpa, I thought this was posted in the foobar2000 forum. Anyway, this is in the foobar2000 player.
Also, Mp3tag has a case conversion feature (under "Actions"), and surely several other applications too.

If you want more comprehensive auto-tagging, there are solutions around too, in MusicBrainz Picard, Mp3tag, foobar2000 and others.