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Am I the only wacko who......

...actually likes the sound of using Winamp's EQ with the MP+ plugin(Vladimirovich's)?  Has the high-end cutoff been fixed because it doesn't sound that bad to me at all.  Am I losing my high-end hearing or what? :eek:

Am I the only wacko who......

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Yes you the only wacko!!  Just kidding, you set yourself for a reply like that.

I never used the EQ WinAMP, so what is this problem? Does it have some sort of lowpass filter running through it?

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Am I the only wacko who......

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well, it should give some problems in the higher freqs (see docs included with winamp plug about this) but I dont really care - I use it anyway. my simple pc-speakers wont let me hear the difference. And when listening using headphones, I turn the EQ off anyway...

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Am I the only wacko who......

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No problemo, AgentMil.  A little self-deprecation makes the world go around.  :insane:

Well, right now while encoding my CD collection I'm only listening via headphones while ripping/encoding/tagging/etc.. However, they'll be transported to the MPCtruck (used to be MP3truck!) and CRANKED through the stereo and I was just wondering how much of a difference it'll be. Supposedly Winamp's EQ cuts off a lotta high stuff but I don't hear that much being cut.  Better get my high-end on my cans checked.  I usually do that once or twice a year. Being a musician, you gotta keep these things in check.  I do have an EQ installed in the truck already, but the Winamp EQ just gives the files a little tweaking that I like.  Well, it's good to know I ain't the only one going against the flow.