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Tool for detecting transcoded mp3's

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That's the worst part about MP3. That there actually are people out there who would transcode from 128 to 320. 

well, my concern are not those 'Newbie’s' rather the faking communities...they tell you how to create fake mp3 files...I think so far they just include loops and stuff so it is easy to tell whether it is a fake or not, but what if they just transcode their files? I mean it even takes a while before all those 'obvious fake files' are gone...but what if it is not obvious to everybody that file has been transcoded???

Could some of your guys check out my thread:
There are 2 short samples that seem to have a bad quality...but I'm not perfectly sure about that...
--alt-presets are there for a reason! These other switches DO NOT work better than it, trust me on this.
LAME + Joint Stereo doesn't destroy 'Stereo'