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What does Windows (device manager) and other ripping applications (e.g. dBpoweramp / EAC/ CUERipper) call it?
MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.100 has been released
Last post by madmax -
Here too, much faster:

with this patch applied, i get an error when i try compile x86

./configure  --host=i686-w64-mingw32 --enable-shared --enable-static
and then "make -j2" leads to a
gain_analysis.c: In Funktion »filterYule«:
gain_analysis.c:216:5: error: impossible constraint in 'asm'
     __asm__ __volatile__ (
@always.beta: Well, actually, original CaTRoX is pretty much compatible with JScript, you just need to follow this guide to make it work.
Seems like more vendors of hard and software that are not certified start to claim MQA sounds better as everything before with their own way of handling it. The main reason seems to come from not to loose potential buyers to MQA certified vendors.
Still this whole happening is facinating. People that already suffer of the 'fear of ringing' are happy to expand their psychogram with the newest ache 'phantom blur'
There is no cure but MQA!
Catrox was written for WSH panel mod... so use WSH panel mod. The main reason I created JScript Panel was because of my breaking changes so people can now run both components side by side if they don't know how to update the scripts.

edit: and of course you even have access to WSH panel mod PLUS which seems to contain most functions from both components.
Validated News / Re: Foobar2000 (Mobile Edition)
Last post by afx777 -
Hi, are there any visual plugins available? I would love to for example, use milkdrop onto my phone whether as a plugin or streamed some how within Foobar2000 Android player
Replace Wsh panel mod with jscript panel on catrox. There are some undefined definitions. Who can help me? Like: line: 989 in Control_Scrollbar.js  line: 584 in Panel_Cover.js
GH24NSC0B has never been in the database either (I am checking the file listing which is for each known drive), even if something happed to purge the drive submissions, the file would still remain with 0 bytes.
The version of OBS I use is 20.1.0 and the version of Foobar2000 I use is v1.3.16.
I checked the settings and options and I haven't been able to find a way to remove the background, I was only able to change the color. I checked on OBS for any settings and didn't find anything. There was a way to do it through a Color Key setting a long time ago, but OBS has gone through so many updates since then I don't think there's even a Color Key anymore.