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General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 safe mode ?
Last post by wcs13 -
This may look a dialogue of the deaf, and like I said (but people don't listen) I won't be addressing any personal remarks not (stupid) comments. Nevermind.

You don't want to hear this but IMO the best way to protect your files is to use access rights and give the suspicious user only read access.
I have heard that. I know it may work. Technically it's not a solution but a workaround : a way to mitigate foobar's lack of functionality on this matter, by using something that has nothing to do with foobar. Not very elegant. But yes, a workaround, so always better than nothing.  :)

  • Give her a copy of your library.
Have you read the part where I state that my library is about 6 TB total ?

  • Setup a simple UPNP server.
Another workaround. Which doesn't mean that I won't resort to that eventually. We'll see.
General - (fb2k) / Re: reverse stereo channels
Last post by ragg987 -
Ref reversed channels, my workaround (for now) is to use the reverse channels option in DSP.

In case it helps, I attach the console output as well as the description.xml from from the SoTM SMS-200. is the SoTM renderer is the Windows host
General Audio / Re: EAC hangs on a particular CD
Last post by Porcus -
If it verifies AccurateRip, you will be fine - that you ocan also check with CUETools. And, once you have downloaded that, you could of course try if that ripper has more success.
Vinyl / Re: My first venture into Vinyl
Last post by includemeout -
IMHO, half the fun of vinyl is messing around with the mechanical aspects of the turntable. Especially if you have a cueing mechanism, with good damping fluid, that works smoothly. Much more fun than dropping a CD into a tray, or "clicking" on an item in a playlist.

That's akin to saying half of the fun of having a wife is the thrill gotten from that mechanical aspect of inserting the ring into one's finger ::) ; specially if you have an expensive gemstone in it, and it goes smoothly in your aforementioned appendage and all that crap.

But then, I can't believe someone deriving that much pleasure from such obvious psychological compensation from the fact they're simply adoring a golden calf instead of simply listening to the music, can actually satisfy/have a wife, in the first place. :))
AAC / Is there detailed information about HA's official advice to use FDK-AAC?
Last post by itmozart -
I've read the AAC pages (generic and FAQ), and as far as I see, it suggests to use Apple AAC, and FDK-AAC (1st and 2nd choice).

Ignoring Apple AAC, is there more detailed information about the FDK-AAC choice? I can't really find much; the listening tests are very old, and also, bitrate-wise, very limited, so I'm trying to find more information to make a sound choice.

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