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Update old LAME options for 3.100

Hi, First post.  I'm hoping someone can do a sanity check.  I used to use abcde to rip CDs before spotify sort of took over, but now I want to rip a load of old CDs I found when moving house. 

I realise that my options are now out of date, and I was last using lame when --vbr-new was necessary

My old preferred LAMEOPTS was:
-V0 --vbr-new -q0 --lowpass 19.7 -b 96

I'm working on a new equivalent:
-V0 -q0 --preset extreme -b 96

Can someone confirm I don't need the lowpass any more?  Also I'm not sure the -q0 is needed.

Many thanks :)

Re: Update old LAME options for 3.100

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Just use


Re: Update old LAME options for 3.100

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What that table is telling you is that "--preset extreme" is an alias to "-V 0". (Or better said, that preset nowadays is mapped directly to -V 0).
As the table also says, it does not add a lowpass. I don't know if you added it to cut it at 20Khz (like -V 1 does), or what.
It isn't necessary, but it's up to you to use it. It's a good setting, but so is the default too.
-q 0 means nothing when used with -V 0. The default is -q 3, but 3, 2, 1 and 0 with VBR means the same, there's no difference.

Finally, for -b 96, Back in the day it was used to avoid the encoder going too low by mistake. Nowadays that's something that is not expected to happen. So it's better to let the encoder decide by itself.

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