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Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc2
Last post by j7n -
Why does opusdec.exe include OpenSSL? Doesn't this belong in a program that connects to the web, like a streaming player or browser? No other cli audio decoder has web components in it.
Opus / Re: Opus gapless and glitchness encoding
Last post by j7n -
Recent Foobar versions have a configurable advanced setting for ReplayGain in Opus. The program can either store it in the global gain header field or a tag, it can also clear the header gain field. Album gain written to the global gain field, as happened by default in the past, wouldn't cause sudden jumps in amplitude, since the gain would be the same for all tracks. Glitches due to changing track gain happen in all formats. There was a proposal by Frank Klemm for a gradually changing AGC type of track gain, but it was never implemented.

For music with extreme sub-bass, either sourced from vinyl or artifical electronic music, you could prefilter it with a highpass filter, so that the mandatory Opus HPF does very little. This is far from ideal, but is one way of addressing the issue.
Opus / Re: Opus gapless and glitchness encoding
Last post by -
A critical problem with opus is the single entry for a replaygain-like value.  No separate track and album values, just the one, and no way to say if it is track, or is album, or is who knows what.  It defaults from what I've seen to 5 dB (from memory, and I suppose that is minus 5 dB) regardless the source.  If you use something else to calculate a replaygain value, that value is stuffed into the single entry available for an opus track.  It's not a tag, like replaygain is in .ogg, or .mp3, but a little cubbyhole for that value.  It's a disaster since there's no telling what the value is for (album or track), and if you go by the opus docs, it's required to be used.

FWIW, even if you have already adulterated the track with a replaygain scanner, the player in the link below plays opus tracks gaplessly ("no glitches" by definition then), but you have to remember to keep RG off (using the RG button).  Still, this is one reason I can't take opus seriously for music because RG is important.  It needs both track and album RG-value slots.

The last one on this page,100209.0.html

Point is, check that a rogue RG value isn't in the tracks you play.  That will cause audio glitches as the level goes up or down.
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc2
Last post by krcroft -
jmvalin:  Where can we download the 32-bit binaries for opusfile 0.11?  The latest version at is still opusfile 0.9.
We've not been able to build them at this point. None of us uses Windows and while we generally do our best to provide binaries, it doesn't always work out (in this case I think it was OpenSSL dll problems while cross-compiling).

I think this is a good area to target before the 1.3 release - being able to cleanly build the Opus suite (opus, opusenc, opusfile, and opus-tools) including step by step instructions using the currently maintained tool sets like: msys 1.0, msys-w64, msys 2.0 32bit, and mysys 2.0 64bit.

I'm also a 100% linux user (where auto tools just works), but I recently added Opus support to dosbox via integrating opusfile into SDL Sound, and thus wanted to test various windows builds.. and it was fraught with subtleties.
Uploads - (fb2k) / Re: Resampler-V
Last post by TomArrow -
Thanks for this.

Could you please add an option to delete entries from the table? Currently it comes with 2 defaults for the most common frequencies that cannot be changed or deleted and it honestly makes it pretty useless. No offense meant.
Opus / Re: Opus gapless and glitchness encoding
Last post by jmvalin -
There's actually a library (libopusenc) that can do sample-accurate perfect glitchless (you could split a song in 1 millisecond chunks and still not hear anything wrong), but right now I'm not aware of a tool using it.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Linear Phase Subwoofer
Last post by Gadgety -
Thank you kindly for the explanatory and rapid reply E. Sokol!

In first versions i made a support of second sub with independent delay and volume, but remove it later. Two reasons: it make using of plugin harder and no one use it. I plan to make independent plugin for this at future, if anybody need it. You can use Matrix Mixer (or some another) yet.

Yes, please do. Bring it back!! I need it!! I use my dual "subs" up to ca 300 Hz and they will need individual alignment with the main speakers. There are other benefits of dual subs, for example when used with room correction software, they can be used to lift the dips in the response, that occur (not the way I have set them up, just to highlight other benefits of multiple subs).

I take the opportunity to return to the stereo question. Since this is built on LFE concept, doest that mean that stereo cannot be created in the dual sub independent plugin?

Thank you also for the Matrix Mixer link. I'll check it out.

I will be eagerly waiting for the dual sub independent plugin!!

Thank you again!
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