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Listening Tests / Re: Great killer sample, easy to ABX on most codecs
Last post by Kraeved -
@shadowking, I do not use -x6, because it significantly increases the encoding time, and -h, because it requires more resources for decoding. Therefore, my attempts to improve the quality look like this: -b3x4, -b4x4, -b5x4, -b6x4, -b7x4. With -b6x4, there is a shadow of hiss, but still a noticeable shadow, and only with -b7x4 I can breathe a sigh of relief. But at this point WavPack loses its advantages in the lossy 44 kHz 16 bit segment (except for correction files feature) over FSLAC -3. Alas, @C.R.Helmrich, its author, is still too lazy to bring this project to a brilliant finale with the implementation of 24-bit support and taking into account other minor shortcoming, although he is regularly asked to do so.
FLAC / Re: FLAC RFC update
Last post by Porcus -
No ... IETF doesn't write mail server software, though they specify the standards for e-mail.
(Oh my how many mail servers violate those!)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by ASopH -
hi marc,

I've tested:
Code: [Select]
// @name "Menu Button"
// @author "marc2003"
// @import "%fb2k_component_path%helpers.txt"
// @import "%fb2k_component_path%samples\js\lodash.min.js"
// @import "%fb2k_component_path%samples\js\common.js"
// @import "%fb2k_component_path%samples\js\panel.js"

var fa_chars = {
up : '\uF077',
down : '\uF078',
left : '\uF060',
right : '\uF061',
close : '\uF00D',
rating_on : '\uF005',
rating_off : '\uF006',
heart_on : '\uF004',
heart_off : '\uF08A',
prev : '\uF049',
next : '\uF050',
play : '\uF04B',
pause : '\uF04C',
stop : '\uF04D',
preferences : '\uF013',
search : '\uF002',
console : '\uF120',
info : '\uF05A',
audioscrobbler : '\uF202',
minus : '\uF068',
music : '\uF001',
menu : '\uF0C9',
hourglass : '\uF254',
lock : '\uF023',
list : '\uF0C9',
volume : '\uF028',

var colours = {
buttons : RGB(255, 255, 255),
background : RGB(196, 30, 35)

var panel = new _panel();
var buttons = new _buttons();
var bt=40;

buttons.update=function() { = new _button(0, 0, bt, bt, { char : , colour : colours.buttons }, null, function () { _menu(0, 36); }, 'Menu');
this.buttons.buttons.console= new _button(bt, 0, bt, bt, { char :  fa_chars.console + ' Test', colour : colours.buttons },null, function () { fb.ShowConsole(); }, 'Console Test');

function on_mouse_lbtn_up(x, y, mask) {
buttons.lbtn_up(x, y, mask);

function on_mouse_leave() {

function on_mouse_move(x, y) {
buttons.move(x, y);

function on_mouse_rbtn_up(x, y) {
if (, y)) {
_help(0, 36);
return true;
return panel.rbtn_up(x, y);

function on_paint(gr) {

function on_size() {

Result: no button - any ideas - or am I wrong