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What are your *main lossy* formats of choice?

[ 250 ] (46.3%)
[ 128 ] (23.7%)
Ogg Vorbis
[ 87 ] (16.1%)
[ 23 ] (4.3%)
LossyWAV + lossless
[ 7 ] (1.3%)
WavPack lossy
[ 7 ] (1.3%)
[ 3 ] (0.6%)
WMA Standard or PRO (lossy)
[ 2 ] (0.4%)
other lossy format
[ 1 ] (0.2%)
I don't use lossy AT ALL!
[ 32 ] (5.9%)

Total Members Voted: 457

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2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #50
Lossy : for both my Cowon J3 and my computer: Nero AAC 1.5.4 at q.65 (~240 - 265kbps).

Lossless: for archiving (one file per track copied to my external hard drive): Monkey's Audio v3.99 (4.06 for the whole bundle) Extra High which is not that slow to encode with an i7  .

Why not Insane?

Well I did that at first, but there is a noticeable time gap between some tracks during playback (files' length is not any different from Extra High) on foobar2000, because it apparently takes too much out of the CPU to load the file. (Or because Windows doesn't give foobar2000 enough attention, I don't know.)

Even though I don't usually play my lossless files (I transfer most of them to my external hard drive), in case I have to, I don't like to face that time gap, all the more so as there's not much size difference between Insane and Extra High.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #51
FLAC -8 for storage (the longer encoding time makes not an ounce of difference considering how rarely i encode)

and vorbis 128kbit/s for lossy so a decent amount will fit on my mp3 player (cowon S9)

i have a small selection of 96kbps mp3's for ringtones as well but theres only about 30 tracks compared to some 5000 flacs and oggs.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #52
FLAC for lossless archiving, Ogg Vorbis (latest aoTuv) @ 160 kbps (Q5) for everything else. My library also contains some MP3 and AAC-songs, but they are making their way into history.
The future is lossless!

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #53
Correction... now I completely switched back to a Apple-setup I choose the following:

- Archiving: Apple Lossless
- Everyhting else: AAC True VBR Q127

I know that in almost every case the AAC-setting is huge overkill, but most of my gear doesn't play lossless and I want the next best thing.
The future is lossless!

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #54
mp3 v0 or CBR 256 for general listening (eg. putting onto my mp3 player).  Then I keep a WAV backup.

2011 ripping/encoding general poll

Reply #55
I didn't expect single track structures to be that wide spread  ...
I once used to do it like that, as well, but I settled to album structures with one file
per album, as it better reflects my way of dealing with music and additionally
looks more simple and clean organized... you know, not with that many files...
I always felt like a chaot to click, and click, and click, til you finally find the
desired songs; the album structure reduces the folder structure depth and thus
number of clicks  ...