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LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

This isn't a big deal because the settings are easy to change. But still, it would be nice if the program remembered them.

Now that multi-terabyte drives are cheap and commonplace, I rip my CD's to wave, then use the latest LAME encoder with LamedropXPd V3.1 to encode to 320/CBR. Every time I start Lamedrop, it reverts back to it's "standard" settings. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

Again, not a big deal because lamedrop makes it easy to change the settings. Here's a pic of how it starts on the left, and how I set it on the right.


Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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Your using an older version. The latest version uses lame3.100 and has had the SoX resampling routines removed as the integration into the file input code was causing unpredictable behaviour, such as you have discovered. I've not received any reports of any issues with the current version.

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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John; I went to Rarewares and downloaded the latest version before I made the post to check that. Those screen shots are from V3.100. And I'm also using the latest version of LAME itself.

However, I'm going to try something. I'm using Agent Ransack, (my favorite search engine), to find every instance of LAME and Lamedrop. I'm going to delete them all, and then reload the latest versions again from Rarewares. Then reinstall them. I'll report back.

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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The first two images in your original post are not from the latest version on Rarewares. The Encoding Options screen would look like this:

The first versions using lame 3.100 did use the SoX resampling, as also shown on your first images. I replaced those a couple of months later with compiles that had the SoX routines removed, as mentioned, hence the blank space towards the bottom of the above image.

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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Ah, I see. That confirms what I suspect. My search just reveals that I still have all the old LAME versions on my computer. My Lamedrop is probably getting confused, and pointing to an older version. I'm in the process of deleting them now. Then I'll start fresh.

I'll report back. Thanks for the help.

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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I need to ask something else, before I delete the wrong stuff. In both my "Reaper" and "iZotope" program files, I have something called "libmp3lame.dll." That isn't in the Rarewares LAME bundle. I assume I should leave those alone?

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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You're correct. Neither the lame bundle, nor lamedropXPd use the "libmp3lame.dll" but other programs certainly do, so I would leave well alone!

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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Cool. Thanks. I seem to have backups of backups. Over 100 Lame related files. Cleaning them as we speak, then will start over.

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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Wow! Deleted over 100 old files, including a bunch of lame_enc.dll files. Reinstalled the latest versions of both Lame and LamedropXPd. Also, copied the new .dll file to all the places where I removed the old one.

No joy. Lamedrop still couldn't remember it's settings. Then a light bulb went off in my head. I had installed Lame and Lamedrop in a "Misc" folder in the "Program Files" directory. That's a protected folder. I right-clicked Lamedrop, and selected "run as administrator." Instantly, the .ini file was created and it remembered it's settings. So I just moved the Lame folder to it's own place under C:\Misc\.

All is now good in MP3 land.

Thanks again John. What you said helped me get here.


P.S. Everyone. Don't install LamedropXPd in the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folders.  

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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Glad you got there in the end. A lesson I learned a long time ago and had forgotten all about!! Enjoy!

Re: LamedropXPd V3.1 not remembering settings.

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