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WavPack / Re: WavPack decoding complexity vs FLAC
Last post by bennetng -
Especially since I didn't know that AAC requires ~200MHz just to decode, this data puts things into perspective. Thank you for sharing this!
Strange again. Here are what I got with this two-disc album encoded into a single file.

Code: [Select]
  CPU: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-12100, features: MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.1 SSE4.2
  App: foobar2000 v1.6.16
  High priority: no
  Buffer entire file into memory: yes
  Warm-up: no
  Passes: 1
  Threads: 1
  Postprocessing: none

WavPack fast x4 (713kbps):
Code: [Select]
Opening time: 0:00.000
Decoding time: 0:11.177
539.596x realtime

AAC-LC (195kbps):
Code: [Select]
Opening time: 0:00.001
Decoding time: 0:02.763
2181.658x realtime

Opus (195kbps)
Code: [Select]
Opening time: 0:00.000
Decoding time: 0:12.665
476.231x realtime

flac -8 (684kbps)
Code: [Select]
Opening time: 0:00.000
Decoding time: 0:04.554
1324.298x realtime

Not just a processor architecture thing I suppose?
CUETools / Re: [Wishlist] Suggestions/Requests for CUETools, CUERipper, etc.
Last post by SimBun -
4. Option to save sets of profiles for the Pregap/Data Track/Offset. This way you do not have to change settings each time there is not a match.
Not sure what values you'd save here, but have you turned on detailed logging under 'Settings > Advanced > Detailed log: True' as it may give you the information you're looking for e.g. if your rip wasn't accurate, it'll tell you if it matched another rip with different pregap/data tracks (against CTDB).

This option also works well as it gives me the offset and pre-gap length I can use to match with other rips. I was just wondering if this could be automated in some way, i.e. if initial values did not match, then other values found could be populated automatically and attempted again.
The matching to other rips is automated, in that it's identifying rips with different offsets and data tracks that do/could match yours (it could be multiple of course), what's the point in plugging those values back in and running it again, the purpose is to verify your rip.
You can obviously create a CUE sheet with a given PREGAP and encode your files to match a given AccurateRip offset, is that what you're after?
Audio Hardware / Re: Advantages re: AC Powered USB Hub vs Bus Powered for audio interface.
Last post by theoctavist -

The mic preamps are most-sensitive to noise since they are high gain and they amplify noise along with the signal.
thank you sir! On that note, ive seen this on a pro audio forum :
"Because of the severe power constraints of USB bus powering, the headphone outputs, and often the phantom mic power (mic current capability) are limited to power levels that are far less than ideal"
  is there any truth to the notion that mic preamps,phantom power ,  headphone outputs etc will perform worse on bus power?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by regor -
It's not a bad idea, but a lot of us have written our own things in the past and migrating it is almost never worth the hassle when we know how the code works and it's been well tested for years. That's why this kind of generic stuff is unlikely to catch on (unlike components, etc.)
As long as people currently coding get involved, it should be pretty easy to migrate. 'The well tested for years', well SMP has been getting more and more updates and helpers from some years are deprecated, have problems in Wine,  don't work on specific OS versions as expected, etc.

Everybody is using either _isFile, or isFile, etc. JS lets you wrap the same function with 5 different names. If we can agree that _isFile should not crash on external and virtual disk sand do X simple task, it would work for everybody.

Obviously other helpers could not be easily replaced without a consensus, but at least this is something. The simple ones are the ones giving problems...

Developers may not care about updating or using them... but at least some of us may simple point them to the files when a bug is found.

In any case agree with your comments.

About the standard libraries... well, I shared a menu framework, a statistics framework with support for multiple graphs, a map framework (which may be used for a world map, but also for a tags map, or whatever), etc. it's just that no one but me is using them XD

I have seen other user creating graphs in JSP, and he started from scratch... so... Already recommended theQwertiest to clearly point on the docs to such libraries, but without that support, any user starting with SMP has no way to look for them.