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Audio Hardware / Audio-Technica ATW-R03 VHF radio mic receiver fault
Last post by Philip Le Riche -
I'm trying to resurrect one of these VHF radio mics which hasn't been used for many years. All I get out of the output jack is noise, whether or not the mic is turned on. It sounds very much like it's gone off tune (it should be 175MHz).

Inside, the receiver there are 5 ferrite core coils and 2 pots. I guess if I knew how to adjust them I could fix it. No sign of a service manual online that Google could find.

Suggestions, anybody?

Regards - Philip
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: MathAudio Room EQ for Foobar2000
Last post by krabapple -
Does the software offer the option to correct only below the Schroeder frequency of the room, as per the recommendations of Toole and some others who assert that 'correcting' above that may be detrimental.  Below Schroeder, room modal effects dominate; above it, reverberant effects dominate.   For 'typical' rooms it's circa 300Hz. 

Audio Hardware / Griffin iMic or similar hardware for recording from tape
Last post by tehabe -
Even though I don't plan to digitise all my tapes I like to have the option to do so. I found the Griffin iMic which has a line-in option, which leads to my first question, because most have a microphone in but no line in. How important is this in a practical environment?

Also are there alternatives? What should I look out for? (Features)
Site Related Discussion / Re: Why am I banned?
Last post by TheEmpathicEar -
@Porcus For whatever reason, what U suggested did not work for me. I used CCleaner and ticked "Cookies" under "Google Chrome". I am now doing this on my desktop. Wrapping my head around this fiasco:
1. I must have had my VPN running in the background and forgot about it.
2. Myself and many others get blasted - no history here taken into account. Some random IP(s) gets banned.
3. Ban is enforced by cookie(s).
4. Clearing all cookies "resets" this.
5. I am back to normal now? Did I forget anything?
Opus / Re: Vorbis Sounds better than Opus at 192 kbps.
Last post by Sajadi -
My experience is that Opus suffers from very occasional killer samples

As it is also stated in the Opus part of the wiki (
"160-192 kbps - Transparent with very low chance of artifacts (a few killer samples still detectable)."

So far i had no issues when creating Opus variants of tracks with a length of 5 minutes or more. Using here 256 kbps.
MP3 - Tech / Re: Completely confused over these Spectrum readouts?! Encoding MP3
Last post by DVDdoug -
Yes that's exactly what I'm saying.. Maybe not in the literal sense but I've had this happen on more than one occasion, where I've downloaded from supposedly reputable sites (DJ download pools etc, which are stated as 320kbps) and when played through a very high quality loud system in a bar with a dancefloor full of people, it's sounded awful and muffled and this has really killed the mood.  People know something doesn't sound quite right and it really kills the atmosphere.  (that's from real life experience) It's horrible and embarrassing.
"Unknown" recordings are a completely different story.    The poor quality could be low-quality MP3 compression or it could be 1000 other things.   And since you downloaded them, I'm guessing you don't have the original CDs to compare to so maybe it's just a lousy recording.  ;)

Yes software, external players, compatibility and having 1000's of tracks, lossless just isn't practical.  Like I mentioned I DO use strictly only Lossless, either WAV or AIFF for my 'proper' DJing, where I would only have around 20 tracks ready on a memory stick!
Just doing some rough approximations -
160 FLAC (or ALAC) files on a 4GB thumb drive
640 FLACs on a 16GB thumb drive
40,000 FLACs on a 1TB hard drive

...I've got about 18,000 'V0' MP3s taking-up 140GB on my laptops.    I've got three 4TB USB drives with copies all of the MP3s, plus about 2TB of concerts & movies.     (I should have made a lossless music archive, but I didn't have the disk space when I started-out so the original CDs are my only lossless archive/backup. )   

Last post by bmcelvan -
I just ran the command
sox 1.dsf 1.wav
and got the error: FAIL formats: no handler for file extension 'dsf'.
Do I need to add a windows component or something?

on a different file
sox 1.flac 1.wav
worked fine.
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